The Germies have invaded…..

Thursday/Friday~ I am not sure what took place, but I do know that I took a complete rest day! Ran some errands, Amara had dance class and i had to get to bed early so I could wake up refreshed to teach at 5:30 am.  Most of that happened.  I did not get to bed early, but I did get a nice early wake up call at around 2:30 am.  Amara went to bed with a sore throat.  Her school sent home a letter to warn about the many cases of strep throat.  I had already given her some Motrin at 9 pm, so I just gave her some throat spray this time.  Well, at around 3:30 am I heard her in the bathroom coughing.  You know what cough I am talking about..the one that is really not a cough, but rather a barf.  Oh no! Poor girl.  Today is the 100th day of school and they are celebrating.  Well, the school minus my kid!  She was more upset about this fact than anything else.  She told me all about it between heaves and crying.  The good news is she only did that twice.  The last time was at 10 am this morning.  Soon after that she was bouncing around, making horrible jokes and talking in that strange voice that 6 year olds think is hilarious ( not so much).  She is on the road to a full recovery!  Here’s to hoping the rest of us don’t “catch” it.

I had my early spin class this morning.  It went well. I was very tired.  Poor me, I know.  After class I went straight home to lay on the couch take care of my girl!  I am of course debating the 5k tomorrow.  I know I will most likely end up doing it, but I am nervous.  That’s all.  I am  not sure if I will run some extra miles at the end of the race or run 5-8 miles on Sunday.  I am assuming I won’t be sick and I really hope Matt does not get it.  That would not be good for  me because we all know how guys act when they are ill him.  🙂

My weight training for this week was pretty sad.  I subbed in a core workout Tuesday night after running.  I failed miserably attempted to do weights in my house on Wednesday.  There is always next week….  I also looked into checking out the Paleo Diet for Athletes at the library.  It is checked out.  I realized that I already checked this book out months ago, but never read it.  D’oh!  I will keep checking, I just hope I don’t have to buy it…. I would totally appreciate and readily accept it as a gift though.

On tap for tomorrow:  5k ( probably).


Fit tip:  You would need to drink 20 bottle of iced tea in order to get the same amount of disease – fighting antioxidants from 1 home – brewed cup of green or black tea.

~Do you drink tea? YES!

~What is your favorite kind? I am not picky, but I like cinnamon and vanilla flavors the best.  The stronger the better!


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