Long day. What did I do?  A bunch of nothin’!   Not really.

Spin class was at 10 am.  Intervals today–  4 loops and a 5 minute BIG climb at the end.  Thanks to Mr. M. for bringing me a Gatorade to class!  What a nice and refreshing surprise!  I needed it today too……..  The hours 12 noon up until 6 pm are kind of hazy.  There was some eating, playing, sitting, driving, reading and talking involved I am sure.  I had a 6:00 pm in- home client that I train.  After that, I met Andi at a bookstore to gossip learn stuff.  We both got a pile of books/magazines and actually were quiet ( after 30 minutes of non-stop chit-chat) for about 5-8 minutes at a stretch before one of us had to talk.  I have been seeing quite a few of the running bloggers referencing the powers of The Paleo Diet for Athletes and I wanted to look into it.  Naturally, I could not remember the exact name of the book, but I was close.  I took a glance at the Paleo Solution and thought it was quite eye opening and informative.  I will head to the library this week and see about the one for athletes.  There is no bread in the Paleo lifestyle ( If I read correctly).  That is a scary thought for an athlete I think!!  I have heard great reviews though so I want to read more about it.

I am sad to report that my little corner on the pool upper deck is not longer stocked with workout equipment.  I guess the items were needed for clients and such (lame- what about MY NEEDS??)  So instead of going to where the weights are located; I went home! I had great intentions of doing th workout in my living room.  I actually did one full rep.  That was enough! I am so strong now.   Oh well, better luck next time.

On tap for tomorrow: I have no idea.  Run? weights? Spin? Grocery shop? Rest?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

    • I know…I must investigate– seems strange to me.
      I am sure I read the 30 day menu and specifically saw that omitting Hot Tamales would be failing. 🙂 I hate to fail.

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