Tempo run = success ( bout time)

Step right up!

Tuesday……Healthy Minds/Body class.  Another good session!  We were able to do the testing this afternoon.  That took up the bulk of the class, but they were very appreciative of the test.  We will re test again in May to hopefully see tons of improvements!  The test is simple- in bare-feet you step on the platform and the Fitness Specialist ( ME!!) plugs in info ( gender/age/height) and then the testee ( ha) holds on to the handles and waits 30-45 seconds and then the BIA machine spits out the results  Some of the included info is: body fat %, hydration and BMR ( basal metabolic rate) which is the minimal amount of calories one needs to  function everyday.  Such a useful test if you ask me.  After the testing I explained the results to the group and then we moved on to the group exercise studio for an Express Kickboxing class.  We only had less than 20 minutes so I made it count!  They did such a GREAT job.  We ended with some body weight squats, push ups, crunches, planks and stretching.  The next class will be 1 hour-long.  I think they will be ready!

A few hours later I taught Cardio Sculpt.  Tonight’s class was a simple format, but a tough one ( I hope).  After the warm up:

1st round= 30 seconds, 2nd round= 45 seconds and third round = 60 seconds

Jump rope

push ups

mountain climbers

plank hold

tricep dip off the ball

Between Rounds:

with light/medium hand weights: 10 reps

Biceps curls

Shoulder press

Lat raises

dead lifts

Repeat weight with heavy weights for 5 reps.

This was done 3 times as well.

Running up the stairs for 5 flights.  I let the ladies choose between 5 flights or 5 minutes….they choose 5 flights and it took them a little over 4 minutes!  They did really well!!  They had to perform walking lunges back to the room.

After that was about 5 minutes of abs and then stretching!

Running club at 6:15 pm.  I only did a .75 mile warm up.  I know, I am a slacker.

Tonight’s workout was 5 miles tempo.  After each mile you were to recover for 1 minute.  I think I recovered closer to 2 minutes, but hey, I was tired.

Here is the play – by – play:

Mile 1~  7:34 ( yeah, got a bit carried away here!)

Mile 2~ 8:15 ( My goal was 8:15-8:20 per mile)

Mile 3~ 8:17 ( I am uncomfortably comfortable…)

Mile 4~ 8:20 ( Still meeting my goal!)

Mile 5~  8:04 ( so glad to be done….tempos are not my favorite thing to do)

Cool down~ .68 miles  🙂

So, tonight went rather well.  I was nervous about it, but decided to just do it and get over myself.  I had no breathing issues whatsoever.  I think I was on the verge, but I talked myself out of them.  The mind is a powerful tool!  I need to use it more often…..

The Biggest Loser was on tonight.  I always DVR it so I can skip through the commercials.  Since I have been tracking my calories I am more mindful of what I am eating.  So, instead of snacking on stuff I really don’t need or want I did core work!!  I know….I am as shocked as you are.  It was not much, but remember I am not a lover of core exercises.  I do them, but not because I love em’!

Tonight I did 5 sets of pilates toe dips ( 25 sets each time- OUCHY!)  I also did 5 planks at 30 second each with 30 seconds of rest between.  I did the last one for 6o seconds just because.


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