Busy Tuesday……. Bring it.

I did not realize how small my screen shot of my food diary was until I posted.  I am sure you all used a magnifying glass though, because it’s just that important to see what I ate yesterday!  I was under a few calories, but I am sure the handful of Pizza Supreme Dorito’s I ate ( not that good) made up for it.  Matt and I have to try every new flavor of Dorito’s that comes out.  It’s like a law or something.  Yesterday went pretty well I think.  It was a normal day of activity for me so I think my calorie intake and burn was adequate.  Today might be a different story.  I have about 9 miles planned to run later this evening.  I am nervous.  I have not done a tempo workout OFF of the treadmill this year.  This will be my first attempt.  I need to mentally prepare for it now and also get a great playlist ready!  I know I can do it, I just worry about  my breathing-which will only make it worse ( anxiety and stress is a HUGE trigger for the breathing flare ups– so lame). I also have my first race this weekend!!  I can’t believe I have not been talking about it.  Oh wait, I do know.  It’s a 5k and I am not too fond of those anymore.  (The whole breathing crap), but I will just go out and run and have fun.  Ha.

I am also teaching 2 classes before I run.  Depending on what I decode to instruct, I might not be too involved with these classes today.  My first class will be getting their BIA’s ( Bioelectical Impedance Analysis– in a nutshell it is a body fat % test)  done.  There are over 20 of them so it might take up a fair amount of time.  If there is enough time left we will do a bit of kick boxing, but it’s hard to predict how much time we will have.

You have to wear these pants to feel the BURN

My next class will be Cardio Sculpt.  I change it up every week and last week was a lot of cardio, so this week might be more strength training with some cardio bursts involved.  The strength training segments will get the heart rates up as well.  I know we will incorporate some squat presses and lunges with biceps curls to get the most bang for our buck to burn lots of calories.   I have a pretty busy day ahead of me and we are out of toilet paper.  How does that even happen…..  Off to the store!  🙂

More bang for your buck: biceps, hamstrings, quads, core and calves!

How are you keeping active today?

Fit Tip:  You should take in 18 grams of protein 20 minutes before a strength training workout to boost your caloric burn.  source:  Michigan State University ( so proceed at your own risk- Go BLUE!)  😉


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