I ran 10 miles with a Superfan…….

10 more miles in the books!  It was probably one of my better long runs this year… ( even though I thought last week was, but I have no PROOF!)  The weather was almost perfect.  Almost.  There were various moments of annoying wind.  One moment the temperature was fine, the next I was too hot and then the next I was freezing.  This went on for 10 miles.  Not to sound like a Debbie Downer, but it can start to get very  tiresome.  Besides that I can say that I (we-Andi and I) ran under a 10 minute pace the whole time with negative splits!  The average was about 9:10 minutes a mile.  I am still in the lowish heart rate range for an average of  153 with a 888 calorie burn.  Andi and I put out our own aid stations of Gu and Gatorade.  Our route?  Well, it was not well thought out.  It actually was not thought out at all!  We made it though and I am so glad for our own aid stations too!  There were a lot of runner’s out this morning and we were leery of some dishonest people snatching up our goodies.   Andi buried them in the snow.  Good call!

Mile 1: 9:36~  The first miles for me always feel like poop.

Mile 2: 9:22~ See above…

Mile 3:  9:04~ Starting to get into a groove I think.  I am trying not to pay attention to my Garmin and the pace…but I can’t help it.

Mile 4: 9:20~ Still feeling pretty good, I think the wind started to play games around this time…..and/or Hall Street Hill.

Mile 5:  9:10~  I was secretly trying for negative splits now…I also set 9:10/mile as the pace to NOT go above.  I did not let Andi on this.  Secrets.

Mile 6: 8:58~  So far so good.

Mile 7:  9:06~  Now I just want to get done……

Mile 8:  9:09~  Whew just made it…..

Mile 9:  9:13~Dang..just missed it!  We got caught up in the parking lot and had to turn around, so we slowed down–I swear!

Mile 10:  8:31~ Take that mile 9!  😉

Overall I am very happy with how today turned out.  The race is 9 weeks away(Eeeek!) so there is still a lot of work and progress to be made, but I am confident that I will do what I have to do in that time.  No problemo.

I missed out on a great picture this morning; courtesy of Andi.  She looked kind of like one of the Running Superfans. You know who they are.  She would be the guy on the left.  Too funny.


On tap for tomorrow: Yoga.


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