There are thieves among us……

Don't let the cuteness fool ya......

I received a call last Friday from Amara’s teacher.  I was busy so she left a message.  The message said something to the effect of ” please call me back I need to discuss an incident that happend reguarding Amara”.  Hmmm.   It was hard to read between the lines, but I was sure she was not calling to tell me about the awesome deed or Nobel Peace Prize my little angel had won.  I called her back within 8 minutes but that was too late.  I picked the girl up from school and tried to look her in the eyes to notice anything different.  I think she had the look of being tired in her eyes as well as swollen CRYING eyes.  Uh oh.  So, I asked her the usual question I ask everyday after school,

me:  ” How was your day?”

her: ” fine, wanna hear a joke?”

me: ” Is there something you need to tell me?”

her: ” Huh?”  ( she sounded an awful lot like her father here…)

me: ” Did something happen at school today that I need to know about?”

her: “Oh.”  and then the tears and confession come spilling out.

She had a bit of a kleptomania problem is seems!!  I know, I am just as shcoked as you are.

Long story short…she and a friend ( I am sure this little girl talked Amara into this horrible deed! 😉 ) had been dipping their hands into the gum ball machine in teachers class since after Christmas break!  They finally got caught ( although Amara dramatically told me this was to be THE LAST TIME she participated in this heinous crime.)  Amara was sincerely sorry and quite ashamed of what she did.  I felt so bad.  I wanted to hug her, but I was driving so I couldn’t.  I was also disappointed in her.  She knows better ( which she also told me over and over again).  Matt and I decided not to punish her.  We thought her reaction was punishment enough.  She could not even look at me.  The girl was sobbing and could not breath or catch her breath!  We also did not issue any stickers for her behavior chart that night either ( totally added salt to her wound…)  She had to write an apology letter to her teacher and then we hope to not ever mention this misdomer again.  We can’t hold it over her head forever or even use it as ammunition for future misfortunes ( I LOVE ammo though…this might be hard for me).  Matt and I both felt that if she had not reacted in the manner that she did then we might have something to worry about.  We thought about how Miles might act in this situation…we are in TROUBLE with that one!  😉  A few days after all of this happened, Matt was at work going though a drawer in his office and found this

Exhibit A

A klepto and a liar?!?!  Ha ha!  I had to convince Matt not to show her this yet, with it being so new.  Perhaps in a few months if she can keep her hands out of the gum ball machine she might find the humor in this.  It’s hard to tell with that one.  She has a great sense of humor most of the time, but not all of the time…

I am quite certain that I wrote the note ( I can tell by the chicken scratch beautiful penmanship).  That signature is definitely all hers.  I am sure we were all in Matt’s office talking about some naughty kids that got into trouble at school and Amara was in disbelief that kids would be naughty and in school!??!  What!??!  She probably said very matter of factly – -” I will never get into trouble at school!”  Ha! Kindergarten student’s are so cute and naive.   Does anybody have any connectoins with the crew at Scared Straight???


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