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I had no clue what to call this blog post.  🙂
What a busy day.  I wisely decided to not go to the gym today.  I had too much other stuff to get done.  I took Amara to school and then planned on going straight to the library with Miles.  We were there by 8:40 AM, only to find out it opens at 9:30 AM ( lame!).  We filled up the car and then went to Meijer to pick up the stuff I forgot did not get yesterday.  On a sidenote_ there is something about Meijer that makes Miles go #2.  Gross.  Not the act of going #2, but the thought of using the grocery store bathroom.  Gross.  8 times out of 10 while out at Meijer he announces that he has to go and NOW.  So I took him in and was happy to see that it was clean!!  It was 9 am so that must be why.  We are usually there around 4pm when it has a chance to get good and dirty.  It still skeeved me out, but a little less today.  Ok, so  after grocery shopping we went to the library.  I picked out some books for the girl and Miles and 2 for myself ( yup, another V.C. Andrews page turner….) By now it’s lunch time and then nap time.  I somehow convinced myself to workout at home.  I do weight workouts at home when necessary, but almost never a cardio one.  My living room is too small and the pictures rattle on the walls if you jump.

I decided to dust off my Turbo Kick DVD round 36 ( yup, I am certified to teach it, but I don’t).  I did about 25 minutes before I called it quits ( it’s at least 60 minutes long).  I could not really get into it as much as I would have liked.  I felt I was clomping around like an elephant which would probably wake Miles up.  I also slipped on a kids book and a Hot Wheels car.  Twice.  I then tuned into Exercise TV and did a little thing called 6 Pack Ab Burn It was short and sweet.  My one complaint would be that I felt that she did not give the best cues/posture alignment.  If you are totally new to exercise and terminology, you might not know what the heck is going on.  yes, you can watch her, but there is more to “doing abs” then simply moving and “crunching”.  Besides, that I think it was a pretty solid workout.  I will be borrowing some of her moves for sure.   I should utilize my FREE exercise TV more often.  There are over 100 workouts on it.  Duh.

Amara had dance class tonight.  The parents were allowed to come in and watch one of their dances.  It was too cute.  I must say that I am very impressed with her skills ( she gets it from her momma) as a new dancer.  She caught on so quickly ( her dance teacher told me so!), but it was fun to see her in action.  Miles covered his ears the whole time ( tap shoes and loud music) while proclaiming every 15 seconds or so, ” It’s too loud!!”

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction and running?


4 thoughts on “Insert Title *Here*

  1. I am also a TOTAL germaphob and HATE when we have to use a rest area…I am little better at stores and restaurants. I have to laugh at you slipping and stepping on books and toys. I have done that so much. Just this past week, I slipped on a stupid superbounce ball like 5 times…I almost threw it through the window I was so pissed. LOL I skipped the gym yesterday too!

    • I know, I try not to get mad about the situation, but YUCK! I am always yelling saying “Keep your hands in your lap, do NOT touch the seat!! ” I think Miles is freaked out. 😉

  2. I went about a year with not teaching Turbo Kick…now I’m teaching again. It’s amazing how it all comes back to ya! I am liking round 40 at the moment! I also have rounds 28, 31, 32, a couple ‘best of’ rounds, and one turbo sport (not too impressed)…round 40 is definitely a good one!

    I use Exercise on Demand sometimes too…I get some ideas for classes!

    • I teach elements from Turbo! Ha….I just need some space to practice ( that’s my excuse anyway!) It is a lot of fun and I love the rounds I have ( 36 and 37). The music is so good. Have you seen/done Turbo Fire?? It looks like a lot of fun!

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