Hills, Spin and vicious wind…..

I was able to get to the gym early this morning.  I had to drop the girl off at school today.  This morning was crazy.  Matt usually takes her to school on his way to work, but it’s my duty the rest of the week.  I was like a chicken running around with my head cut off.  I was Bok Boking ( yelling!) at the kids to get a move on.  We made it to school on time and I did not have to go back home for any reason.  I usually forget something important, but for some reason I had everything.  Good!  I was able to run at the gym before teaching spin.  I planned on doing some junk miles this morning, but after my 1 mile warm up I decided to tack on a few hills.  I actually did the 12 I was supposed to do last night!  Score! I finished with a 1 mile cool down.  I approached the hill like this:

Incline 3.5-4.0 —  I did a progressive climb for 30 seconds ( up to 6.8 pace on treadmill).  My descend was progressive and slow ( 5.8-6.1) for 45-50 seconds.  It was tough.  I thought I might stop after 5 hill sets, but I glanced at the clock and I had plenty of time to do 12 + a cool down.  🙂

Spin class today was strength.  Power climb intervals today.  The hills were short being 4 minutes in length, but they were heavy ones.  They were basically 40 seconds moderate pace with a 20 second power surge.  This was done 4 times per 4 minute hill. We had 4 sets of 4 minute hills.  My average heart rate was 154 with a 430 calorie burn.  I usually only burn in the lower 300’s, so today definitely had me working hard.  My class did well too.  😉

It is bitterly cold out today. It is super windy too.  So windy in fact that Miles had a mini- meltdown on the way to the car…he thought he was going to get swept by the wind ( if I did not carry him).  I thought he was kidding until I saw the look of horror on his face and oh right, the real tears falling from his eyes as he screeched in terror!!!  I am so mean.  I laughed at first, and then I made him walk anyway.  He is too heavy and I had my  hands full of stuff……   He did not get carried away by the big bad wind, and all is well after a brief explanation  that this wind was not strong enough to lift him off the ground.  I think he bought it.

On tap for tomorrow:  Run and lift weights.


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