Good News Tuesday!

First off, I want to announce that I was chosen!  I was chosen as a Team 4 all blogger.  A while back I wrote this to submit to 4all by Joyfit to be featured as one of their bloggers.  What an honor!  My personal topic was paying it forward.  It is funny how/when things happen because the class I taught today – Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies was right up my alley.  This class is full of new ( ish) moms that come to the YMCA for an hour of nutrition/health classes and 1 hour of exercise with me!  Honestly, I was not sure what to expect from this group because the last time I taught this class it was not at all what I had expected or hoped it to be.  Without getting into that ( let’s keep it positive here people), today’s first meeting was awesome.  The ladies were not to do a full – on workout because they had a fasted blood test and were not properly fueled for a strenuous workout.  I used the hour to field and answer questions, concerns and expectations from them.  They had A LOT!!!  I loved that.  They all wanted to be there as well.  No one forced them to come.  The reasons were all different ones, but all reasons I have heard before.  Some were there to lose fat and inches.  Others were there to be with friends.  Most were there to have fun and also get some “me time”.  I could relate to ALL of the reasons.   I am not the most talkative person; especially in a group of strangers.  I can say that I surprised myself today.  I was so comfortable with this group.  It was like talking with a group of old friends!  I know it had to do with the topic – FITNESS!! I have such a passion for it and love to share what I know with others. We only get an hour once a week so I will do my best to give them the best workouts and advice possible.  🙂  They were so excited to try spin class I smuggled  them in the studio and did the shortest spin class ever!  It was literally 6 -8 minutes long maybe, I even turned on some music.  They loved it – or at least they said they did!  I hope to be able to give them a full class sometime during this session.

After that class I had Cardio Sculpt.  I actually made the class up in the parking lot!  I get there early for that reason.  After the warm up we did 5 minutes of cardio and then sculpting for about 2-3 minutes.  We alternated this pattern for the duration of the class.  Whew…they did really well today ( this group does well every week so I was not surprised).  Many squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, abs etc. later  I am spent! * My HR monitor was activated and working!*

Friends again!


Oscar- Mi Amor

It’s Biggest Loser night!!  Any thoughts on the new trainers?  My thought is that the new guy resembles Oscar De la Hoya.  So naturally, I love like him for that reason alone.  I have a “thing” for boxers so I guess I like the new girl too!  * When I first met Matt I thought he was Hispanic.  Nope, half Polish and Half Italian!  Close enough….   ha ha!


The planned run that I had today did not come to be.  Such is life……( sigh).  I don’t think I can make it up this week.  I might run a few junk miles tomorrow either before of after spin.  Maybe, maybe not.

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction. Run?  Lift?


2 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday!

  1. Congrats Marcia! Your blog posts are always informative and entertaining, so I’m not surprised that you were picked!
    As for the new BL trainers? I think they are awesome and a breath of fresh air for the show. I REALLY like Bob but, to be honest, I’m a little weary of watching Jillian as a trainer on that show, always screaming and getting in the face of the contestants. I think it’s time for her to move on.

    • Thanks Marnie!!! 🙂
      I agree with you. I like Bob a lot too. Jillian? Well…I do like her, but I would like her more if she would back off a bit. She would be just as effective ( I hope) without being so dang loud and aggressive!

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