1 class down, 2 to go + running ( maybe).

I thought Monday was yesterday?!?!   Today I taught the 90  minute spin class.  It’s an extreme interval type of class.  I thought the workout I planned was pretty challenging.  I even wrote out my heart rate goals to aim for.  The good news is I remembered my monitor and strap.  Bad news is that it was not even turned on.  On Saturday when my monitor got reset, so did all of the settings; which apparently means that the HR monitor is enabled until I turn it back on.  LAME!!!  So, basically today’s 90 minute spin did not count for me!  That is how anal some of us HR monitor obsessed people tend to act.  It makes sense to them; stop judging me.  That means I have not used my monitor since Saturday!  I would have known it was turned off if a certain someone ( see picture….) did not coerse me into skipping out on exercise on Sunday.

Certain Someone....

Well, at least the participants got a good workout! 😉


Matt and I made some behavior charts for the kids last week.  We did something like this when Amara was younger, but Miles has not gotten to join in on the fun yet.  I was reminded by a friend what a good thing they can be.  I really can’t complain about my kids’ behavior.  I have seen some BAD kids before and my kids are not.  But, nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.  They both have a few things they could work on.  We choose 4 category per kid.  Some of the categories are already well established things the kids are already great at doing ( Feed pets and staying dry).  Some are not ( No drama!  Listening to Mom and dad).  So far so good.  For every 10 stickers they receive in a category; they can pick a prize out of the prize box.  The box has mechanical pencils, hot wheels, markers, notepads, stencils and a bunch of other crap things the kids want.  ( Dollar Store anyone???)  Little Miss Drama has been practically drama – free since this all started.  It’s a miracle.  She can be very sensitive over everything a lot of things.   Matt and I agreed that No drama was for sure going on the chart!  Miles’ for sure category was listening to mom and dad/eating.  The whole eating issue.  Little dude can take foreva!  Super Nanny says ( quiet, she is one smart lady) that at his age ( 3), he needs  no longer than 30 minutes per meal.  We set the timer at each meal and give him a few reminders…wouldn’t you know it?  He has beat the timer everyday for every meal.  Some meals take him 28 minutes while most take him  15- 20 minutes; even the meals that he does not like ( read: a non peanut butter sandwich meal).  They get so excited to get ready for bed ( kind of….) because they get their stickers before they go to sleep.  🙂


Amara's stuff to work on: No Drama, Feed Pets, Good Manners, Good Hygiene

Miles- Good manners, No hitting/throwing, Staying dry, Listen and eat meals...


Does anyone watch The Mentalist besides Matt and I?  The smiley faces on Miles’ chart resemble Red John’s trademark –  minus the bleeding eyes.


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