Now that I got that out of my system…..  😉  Nothing a few baked goods won’t help!

Despite the fact that my spin class was done without a HR monitor, it still went over well.  Today’s class was an interval style class.  A few short, but strong hill climbs.  My favorite part was the 10 minute stretch of  flat road.  It was not an easy road to travel on though.  It had moments of resistance as well as moments of speed + resistance.  It was fun!  I have never done such a long stretch in a long time.  Maybe ever??  I have been teaching spin for at last 7 years now?  Probably more, I just can’t remember exactly.  It was good for me to venture outside of my own comfort zone and to take my class with me… ( man, I wish I knew what my HR was…daaang!. Ok, I am over it now).  After class I taught Totally Toned.  2 circuits later + abs and I am home.
The Valentine’s Day window clings are up, dinner is finally finalized ( homemade pizza OR leftovers…) and now it’s about time to go and pick up the girl from school.  First, I have to wake up the boy.  He is really tired today since he skipped his nap yesterday.  Stinker.

On tap for tomorrow: Early 90 min. spin, Healthy U/Minds class, Cardio Sculpt, and running.  Oy.

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