Good intentions……

I went to the gym today.  I sat on a bench and put my sneakers on.  I sat some more.  I sat a little bit longer.  Andi came up the stairs and talked me into (gun to my head) not working out and we headed over to Gazelle Sports instead.  I was not feeling a workout today.  My body felt fine, but my head was not in it.  Andi did not have to try very hard at talking me out of  some cardio today ( besides the gun to my head).  Tomorrow starts a fresh week.  It will be a busier busy week for me instructing-wise:

Monday:  Spin, Totally Toned

Tuesday: 90 min. spin, Healthy U and Cardio Sculpt

Wednesday:  spin,  and 90 minute spin

Thursday:  nothing!

Friday:  Spin.

I need to figure out where to fit in lifting weights on my own. I plan on running on Tues/Thurs/Saturday as well.

On tap for tomorrow:  (look above) 😉  Spin,  and totally toned.


3 thoughts on “Good intentions……

  1. you forgot the part about a free drink from “random man” at biggby!…that confirmed that skipping the gym was the right decision.

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