Great run, Garmin fail and VCD.

I probably had one of my  best running experiences of 2011 today, and no proof!

She's the one in the middle.


My sweet Garmin decided to freeze up on me when I was ready to download the goods.  Really?!??! Ugh!!  I was so annoyed.  I am over it now, but still.  This I know for sure:  I ran 10 miles today.  I had no 10 minute miles today!  My average was about 9:09, with the last 2 miles under 8:30 pace.  And, my heart rate average was only 155.  That means that my race pace is probably faster ( whew!).  The last miles of the long run were a lot more comfortable then the first miles for some reason.  My face was totally frozen at the end.  My hands/fingers were useless ( thanks Andi for getting my Gatorade!).  I felt I was finally in a groove ( even if it was at mile 7/10).  I hope this does not mean marathon’s are my friend.  They are not my favorite.  Maybe more like my frenemy…..  Anyways, today went really well.  My breathing(Vocal Cord Dysfunction) was trying to wreck havoc on me at about mile 7.5 or so.  I was thinking about it because we ran by the place where I had my first breathing episode so then it was on my mind.  Weird.  But, I got over it in a hurry and everything was good.  I am happy with how today’s run went.  I am not happy that my sweet Garmin decided to be lame!! The Glass City 1/2 Marathon is roughly 1o weeks away.  I am sure I can improve immensely ( knock on wood) by then.  I hope so.  I know I will have  1-3 bad runs in the mix before race day and hope it does not shake my confidence too much.  I still don’t know my goal for the race.  I, of course have a secret goal that won’t be shared ever yet.  10 weeks away.  I am mildly excited at the thought.  🙂  It will be a fun time though.  I know quite a few people going.  A group from work ( YMCA) and a group from my running club RunGR.  There are a few 5k’s that I might participate in before the 1/2 marathon. One is on the 19th and the other one is near St. Patty’s Day.  I had my last breathing episode ( during a race) during the St. Patty’s Day race.  It was horrible.  I did not stop running, but my pace sure did.

It's a vocal cord, what did ya think?!?! A)Normal B) Mine ( closed--Booo!)

My homework for myself is to find my special information on the breathing techniques I am to use to “get over it” if it happens again.  I either lost, threw away or put the paper work in a safe place(ha).  I have no idea where it is.  I tried to look up info. on the internet, but it’s not the same info. my speech therapist gave me.  Her stuff worked, I just stopped doing it!


Just relaxing the rest of the day.  I finished the first book in the V.C Andrews series…on to the next!  After Miles wakes up ( if he is actually sleeping) we will have an early dinner out with Matt’s brother, wife and neice.  I love going out to eat.  I love ordering dessert and not having to clean up the kitchen!

On tap for tomorrow:   something, I just don’t know yet.  It does not inlude watching football (snore).  I might sit there and read and look up when the commercials come on. Go Lions!




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