Lots of hills and Y&R is getting good.

I went into this mornings spin class feeling refreshed and ready to work ( Ahhhhh Zensah….), and I left spent.  That was the point right?!?!  It was today.  It was an interval style class with lots and lots of climbing.  I also used a new playlist with weird and different music.  I liked it.  I also did not preview every second of every song and was trying to listen hard to the lyrics in case I had to cough loudly over an escaped “F” bomb.  It’s happened to me once and I vow to never let it happen again!  It was the first year I taught at the Y…the song I played was over 5 minutes long and all music; or so I thought.  All of a sudden an audience is cheering and a dude comes over the speakers “F- U, mother effer!!!”  I was mortified!!!   The class got a good laugh and I apologized up and down.  I think I got a way with it because nobody left a bad comment for me.  Whew!

So anyway –  today’s class had about 22 minutes worth of hills, some fast, some slow.  It was a killer!   I planned on lifting weights after class, but I was beat.  I went on the elliptical for about 25 minutes in my Recovery Zone.   I was able to read a lot of the latest issue of Runner’s World.  They had an interesting sounding and looking recipe for a cauliflower mac n’ cheese.  I might make this.

I have watched this soap on and off since the 8th grade.....

I was feeling as if I had to do some kind of strength training today.  So while I watched The Young and the Restless It is getting really good.  Cane is dead ( the hot Aussie) and Chance is alive!  (  😉 ) I did some core work:

push ups



pelvic lifts

wall sits


I did a few sets of 30 seconds of this.  It’s better than nothing right?!?! RIGHT!!

On tap for tomorrow: RUN!



2 thoughts on “Lots of hills and Y&R is getting good.

    • Thanks Amanda! I am not all that intense – I just try to be! 🙂 The song was such a good one too, I mean, I appreciate some swear words here and there, but come on!!!

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