6 easy miles on the treadmill, snow and laziness.

So yesterday I literally stayed in my P.J.’s all day long.  It was bad.  I had a headache for most of the day too.  I think it was because I was so lazy??  Really.  It was weird.  Even on my laziest days I actually get out of the house!  Darn blizzard.  I was not about to go anywhere.  Matt, on the other hand…he left to get supplies for the family.  A movie for the kids ( Alpha and Omega -cute! And Grown Ups for us – it was cute too.)  Adam Sandler cracks me up. Movies on top of candy

The BEST Skittle flavor- Crazy Core!

(Skittles), boneless wings and popcorn….. yep.  It was fun though.  Today we are back to business.  The YMCA is open, so of course I had to go!  I had to make use of my carb load on Tuesday!


I hammered out 6 miles on the treadmill.  My goal was to be in Zone 3 for the entire time.  My running Zone 3 is 161-166.  I averaged 163.  Finally!!  My pace was about 9:20/mile.  I started my first 2 miles at 8:53; but my HR was about 168 ish.  I actually felt fine, but I was trying to be mindful of my HR training so I did what I had to do and slow down…. that is unusual for me!  I’ll take it though. I am not sure what to do about Saturday’s long run.  The weather is still going to be rotten, but I want to do the proposed workout.  It includes running some of the miles at race pace ( still need to figure that out!).  I think my goal for the half-marathon in April is 8:00 miles…..Maybe.  I would love, love, love to go faster, but I must be realistic right?!?!  8:30 it is! 😉  I have some decisions to make.

I was trying to hurry and finish so I could catch the spin class.  I was late, but it was instructed by Andi; and she was expecting me late or not! It was a race day format ( very fun), but I kept it in my cycle zone 2.  My average HR was 148.  Good enough.  Whew I was ( am) tired.


Blizzard of 2011....3-5 foot snow drifts...13 inches of snow. Boooo!

I got stuck at the bottom of my driveway on the way to the gym.  Awesome.  I was able to get myself out.  Not so much on the way back in the driveway.  I got stuck again.  (duh).  Matt had to come home from work to help get me unstuck.  Ooops.  I hope I don’t get stuck again on the way to take the girl to dance class.  That would stink.  Not much left to do today…laundry, clean, dinner, dance etc.  The usual.


On tap for tomorrow: Spin instruction and weights.

What is your favorite flavor of Skittles??


4 thoughts on “6 easy miles on the treadmill, snow and laziness.

  1. Awww, I miss the snow (I’m from Chicago). But I do remember how much of a pain it could be. But just watching it from indoors was fun.

    I wish I could feel fine after running 6 miles. I feel more like I’m going to pass out lol.

    • I am so not missing the snow right now!! I am sure I might ( maybe??) if I moved where snow is not usual……..
      6 miles was not always easy for me. I thought 1 lap around the track was a ‘long run!’ 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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