Speed on the treadmill ( kinda sorta), weights and spin and now we are snowed in!

Tuesday~Treadmill 1 mile “tempo” intervals.  I am not sure of my tempo this early in the game.  I have not raced in a while.  I just played it by ear.

2 Mile warm up : 15:51

mile 1 – 7:36


mile 2- 7:36 ( stopped 3 minutes in…vocal cord crap “flared up” awesome.)


mile 3- 7:36 ( stopped 2x here. I knew I would based on how crappy mile 2 was)


1.40 miles on the elliptical for my cool down.  I was pretty much done with running.

Soooo, today did not go as planned.  It happens.  I tried my best to get over myself and my breathing.  It’s weird and it stinks!

After my fiasco on the tread I decided I should cool down on the elliptical.  I did about 15 minutes which equaled 1.4 miles.  Good enough.  I stretched a bit and called it a day….so I thought!

I taught Cardio Sculpt at 4:15 pm.  It was a cardio circuit and 2-3 minutes of weights + core– 3x total.   I decided to go back to the gym and lift weights:

I did the workout that I made my Totally Toned class do on Monday.

Stability Ball:

Hamstring Curls (25)

Double Crunch (25)

Inner Thigh squeezes (25)

Push ups (25)

Deltoids (12)

weightless – 1 leg squats (12/per)

5 continuous sets

Shoulder press(5)

Upright Rows(5)

Bent over flyes(5)

Slow side kicks ( 12/per)

Standing leg lifts (12/per)

1 leg squat (12/per)

Repeat the Stability Ball exercises above + 25 more push ups!

Planks and lower back.

50 push ups later- I am sore! 🙂  It was good though.  It did not take me that long to do either.  I whipped right through it.

I was able to go to Andi’s Spin class too!  I was not sure how to approach it, but after I warmed up a bit more I was able to really push  myself through the ride.  It was a fun class. Good music too  😉

Wednesday~I guess my excessive day of cardio was for a reason??   I have to take a day off today since the YMCA is closed do to the blizzard we had ( are having).  We had about 13 inches of snow with crazy tall snow drifts up to 5 feet!  The kids and I ( Matt too) are inside.  I am the only one still in my pj’s.  I might get dressed soon.. probably in my most comfy pj’s.   Matt is going to venture out to get some movies at a RedBox.   I foresee a lot of couch time today!  Fine by me!

On tap for tomorrow:  Run!


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