sponsored -Zensah Calf/Shin Compression Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

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I have heard so much about the benefits of compression gear for endurance sports.  I cycle and also run long distances so I knew it was something I should look into!  Robert from gave me the opportunity to review a pair of the Zensah Calf  and Shin Compression Sleeve!

From the Website:

  • Developed to provide dual action support to the calf and shin area
  • Improves oxygen blood flow allowing athletes to train harder and recover faster
  • Chevron ribbing reduces the risk of shin splints and pinpoint compression provides calf support

I tried the calf and shin compression sleeves  2 different ways.  I first used them during a 9 mile run outside.  What I really liked about these sleeves is that I knew I was wearing them.  What I mean by that is I felt them working.  They were tight, but not in a constricting way.  They felt good.  They gripped my calves and shins in all the right spots!  I was also instructed by Robert to wear them for an hour or 2 after running/cycling and my running and cycling friends recommended not exceeding wearing them for 8 hours at a time.  The second time I wore them was for about 2 hours while awake and 6 hours while sleeping.  I had a very busy day of instructing.  I taught a cardio sculpt class as well as a 90-minute spin class.  My legs were very tired.  I felt very refreshed the next morning.  What really sold me on wearing the sleeves was how great my legs felt while instructing that day (the day after my busy day).  I taught one 45 minute spin class and 9 hours later a 90 minute spin class.  My legs felt fresh and new!  I am sure this was because of the sleeves.  My legs are normally very tired due to my heavy work load.  I am an endurance athlete and this product just makes sense.  It’s almost necessary for me to use the compression sleeves because of the many benefits and how they help aid in recovery, resulting in improved performance.  What’s not to love about that?

12 colors and 3 sizes-

From the website:

For years athletes have known about the benefits of recovery bars, and drinks. Now a start-up company From Miami, Florida called Zensah® has developed recovery leg sleeves using a special knitting process and fabric.

The Calf/Shin recovery sleeves are made with gradient compression which provides wide ribbing in the front for shin support, and tight ribbing in the back for calf support. The sleeves are made with Zensah Fabric® which has silver helping regulate skin temperature, and fight bacteria. The sleeves can be worn during training to increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg. The more oxygen the muscles receive the faster they recovery allowing athletes to push the envelope in their training. The Zensah Calf/Shin sleeve is ideal for runners, cyclists and triathletes. It can be worn during training, recovery or for traveling after races.

The Zensah Calf/Shin sleeves are unique in that they provide pint point compression to the front and back of the leg. The dual action support was developed by a professional athletic trainer.

I recommend Zensah Calf and Shin Compression Sleeves!  They are a must – have product for runners and cyclists that spend a lot of time hitting the pavement.  You are hard on your body and it deserves the best! Ahhhhhh- Zensah!

Robert from was kind enough to give a lucky subscriber to Mom. Wife. Fitness.  LIFE the chance to win a pair and the Zensah Calf and Shin Compression Sleeves!  Any color (there are 12 to choose from s well as 3 sizes).  There will be one winner of this awesome giveaway.

  • Mandatory – you MUST do these 2 things in order to participate in the giveaway.  Don’t worry they are EASY, and you get 2 entries off the bat!
  • You MUST subscribe to this blog.  If you are already subscribed please let me know in a comment. (1 entry)
  • You MUST go to and tell me what color sleeves and size you would choose if you won.  (1 entry).


  • Post about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter – Link back/leave me a comment. (1 entry per location) ( 3 possible entries)
  • Add me to your blog roll. Leave me a comment.  (1 entry)
  • Tell me why you  need a pair! ( 1 entry)

***Please separate all entries.  One entry per comment! :) ***

*This giveaway will run until 10:00 pm (EST) on February 15th, with the winner being announced the morning of  February 16th. Winner will be chosen using from all valid entries and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before another winner is chosen. Giveaway is open to U.S. shipping addresses only.  GOOD LUCK!

Zensah Calf and Shin Compression Sleeves-

*Disclaimer:  I did not pay for the Zensah Calf Sleeves.  They were sent to me and in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated nor was I encouraged by the manufacturer to post a positive review.  This review is based solely on my experience with this product.


28 thoughts on “ sponsored -Zensah Calf/Shin Compression Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

  1. I need a pair because I don’t have any compression sleeves or socks and I’m recovering from a hip injury so I need all the help I can get so I can get back on the road!

  2. i need them because my running partner is always trying to make me run longer and faster and i end up sore!…slave driver!

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  5. Would love some calf sleeves… I think I would go with black in S/M. Good to know about – looks like they have a nice variety and good prices!

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  7. Why do I need a pair? … My wife has been telling me for years that I need to grow a pair. And since that effort really hasn’t worked out so well for me, I thought I’d try to win a pair!

  8. Why do I need a pair? … I cannot tell a lie. When I say “I need a pair”, the “I” is not just me, but my wife and I. She needs a pair, and since our budget is shared, we both know that we don’t have the money to buy a pair. If I win a pair of compression calf sleeves, then we both win!

  9. I need a pair because I’m pretty much in love with my black Zensah sleeves and could use a girlier color. Also, if I had purple ones, I could gift my black pair to the boyfriend. It would be double the giving 🙂
    (sorry for the million comments here but I really want to win! lol)

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