Not too bad for a Monday……

I always act surprised after a full day of honest recovery.  I did no form of exercise yesterday.  Today’s 10 am Spin class felt awesome.  I’m not going to lie; I did awesome!  😉  ( nothing like a pat on the back….)It was a strength class and I felt so good and fresh and strong.  Go figure! Today’s class was a 9 minute loop repeated 4 times.  The only thing that changed during the loop was the resistance on some of the hills, besides that the class knew exactly what was coming.  Sometimes I have no idea how a class will actually turn out.  Even though it looks good on paper ( or a sticky note),

Today's Spin class-- Ignore the dried up sweat...classy, I know!

it does not always turn out that way.  I almost never fly by the seat of my pants for a Spin class, but sometimes I do have to make some adjustments to what I planned.  It usually always turns out fine and the class never ( I don’t think so anyway) notices.  I almost always confess at the end of a spin class though if my music was all wrong or if I lost my sticky note etc.  I can’t help it.  😉  Confession is good for the soul- so what if it’s in a gym!

I verbally instructed Totally Toned at noon today.  50 push ups later….they were awesome!  The rest of the day was spend doing the usual stuff.  Laundry, nap ( the boy, not me), lunch ( hummus anyone?), picking up the girl from school, hitting the dollar store for stuff I need and a bunch of stuff I don’t ( a pack of 5 highlighter for $1!! Too bad only 3 will work), dinner ( Meatball Monday somehow became Enchilada Monday) homework, bedtime and soon I will watch and fast forward the embarrassing parts of The Bachelor!

Less than 2 hours left in the SportHooks Giveaway!  Low entries, so your odds are GREAT!!  If you don’t really want this product; try to win and then give it to me!  Please?!??!

On tap for tomorrow: Speed work, weights and Cardio Sculpt instruction



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