A loaf of bread and hummus!

So what did I do with my “free time” today?  I stayed home!  Before I knew it everyone was on their way home from the Hunting Expo!  Dang.  I went to bed kinda sore from yesterday’s 10 miler, so naturally I woke up kinda sore as well.  The gym was no looking too inviting at 10:30 am.  And of course, neither was the grocery store!  We all went to Uccello’s for lunch.  I skipped all the appetizer’s….only because everyone ate them before I had a chance!  There were 10 of us there, and apparently we were all starving.  The funny thing is that I did not feel over stuffed after eating the entire loaf of bread stromboli.  Must have been the after effects of yesterday’s run??  Sounds good to me!

Needless to say I still had to grocery shop. 😦  Amara and I braved the store at 4:00 pm.  That is not the best time to go either.  It’s busy and a lot of the food that I want is already gone.  The good news is that our favorite hummus was on sale.  Buy one, get one free!  This kind of made up for the whole trip in itself.  We love hummus.  I can eat it with a finger spoon.  Who needs bread?  It’s just unnecessary carbs!

On tap for tomorrow: Spin instruction, Totally Toned instruction

Who's ready for the hunting expo?? We are!


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