10 miler Saturday

10 miles in the slushy snow. It was sooo much better than the deep freeze I ran in last weekend.  It was in the 20’s today while running, a bonifide heatwave in comparison.  I was hot, then warm and then freezing within a 30 minute time frame!  Pure Michigan.  No real weather complaints though.  The 10 mile run went very well.  My pace?  Well, it is still not where it should be ( heart rate wise), there is time to get it right one of these weekends.  Here is the lowdown as recorded my my pal Garmin.

The reason I was almost late to running club! Crazy kids! Love them!


My play by play:

mile 1: 10:21   trying to gain some footing on the slippery slushy ground.  I also normally take the first mile or 3 to warm up.  Really!

Mile 2: 9:58  feeling pretty good here and talking with my buddies Nancy and Andi.

Mile 3:  9:32  Approaching the first fuel station for some GU and water!  I was thirsty.

Mile 4: 10:05 Trying to get started again…I like to stop and fuel/stretch, but find it difficult to start back where I left off.  Lame.

Mile 5:    9:54  Half way and the turn around.

Mile 6: 10:19  Ummm, not quite sure what was going on here.  ;-?

Mile 7:  9:39  I think I always run a bit faster when the end is near

Mile 8: 9:46  I don’t have much to add here…. 2 miles to go.

Mile 9: 9:37  Andi and I agreed that we were so glad to almost be done.  If we had to go further, we could handle it, but we didn’t, so even better!

Mile 10:  9:28  And were done.  Negative splits??  Possibly..the last mile was the fastest of the 10.  Go figure.

My heart rate average was only 146.  A far cry from the 160’s that I thought I might hit today.  Not so much.

All in all, it was a good run and I felt good.  Not great, as that does not happen for me too often in th winter.  Just sayin’.  I think I will stick with 10 miles again next week too.  I know I keep saying I will turn up my HR, but then I don’t.  Perhaps I will try a shorter distance run (3-5 miles??) in the 160’s this week to help boost my confidence.  Confidence boosters help me. I did not have much issue with breathing today.  I wonder if it was just the weather and nothing else…..so hard to know for sure.

I don’t have anything planned for the rest of today.  I was going to hit up the library with my girl, but they close earlier today it might not workout.  I currently have two books checked out.  I almost don’t even want to admit what book it is.  I already admitted to reading ( and LOVING) the entire Twilight Series so what could be worse really?!?!  Ever hear of V.C. Andrews?  I was a BIG fan growing up.  I know I missed a few of her books through the years ( well someone writing as her since she has passed away), but I could not resist.  I checked out the 2 books in The Heavenstone Series.

The Heavenstone Secrets. My V.C. Andrews confession.


For the most part the books are pretty predictable.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy them?  Or it might remind me of a simpler time in my youth blah, blah, blah..no that’s not it.  Whatever the reason, I am enjoying my first book in the series and after this one I might have to try and catch up on the books that I have missed in the past few years.  I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, but my library might not carry Dead as a Doornail!  How lame is that?!?!  I’m not going to go out and buy it.  As if.  Tomorrow the kids and Matt and his parents are headed to the Hunting Expo.  Unfortunately ( cough, cough) I am unable to attend.  The first time we went ( early 2003?) I had a horrible, excruciating allergic reaction from something.  It was probably from the hair and dander from the mounts.  I made an executive decision to never attend again – ever! 😉  From what I do remember, it was not so bad, it’s just not my thing.  It’s probably like when I talk to Matt about super funny running stories, gadgets and heart rate etc.  He wants to pay attention and tries hard, but still; it’s just not his thing.  It will be a nice outing for the he and the kids with his parents.  I will have to find something to do.  I thought about hitting up the 10:30 am Hot Yoga class.  I miss it so.  I think that might not work though.  I can try cranking up the heat in my house and do yoga in the living room.  It won’t be the same though.  I will think of something.  One thing I do not want to do is go grocery shopping during that time.  I need to take advantage of having an empty house.  Who am I kidding?  I will probably end up at the gym!

On tap for tomrrow: see above for all the possiblities.  :- )

Read anything you are slightly embarrassed to admit?


* Not that my spelling, grammar or punctuation is ever 100% ( closer t0 87.3%)…the spell check is down so try to enjoy this post despite that fact!




2 thoughts on “10 miler Saturday

  1. Kind of embarrassed to say that I read the Twilight series. 🙂 A house to yourself?! Yay! And poor you to be missing out on the Hunting Expo…;) Sounds like every woman’s dream day. Good run this morning. I think I might give myself the day off.

    • I can’t wait for the last 2 movies of the series to come out too! 🙂 Funny.
      Thanks! My body is feeling the snow, and freaking footing now. Maybe I should get a massage tomorrow everyone is gone…( I know my husband reads this! 😉 ).

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