Spin, core and boogers. TGIF!

Today I taught the early spin class.  It was fun.   I did the same Race Day as Wednesday.  I did not go all out though I just acted as if I did! 😉  I think they enjoyed it.  After spin I did a very easy 15 minutes on the elliptical in my recovery zone – I made a new play list  ( New from The Script – love it!) and I wanted to listen to some of my tunes!

After the elliptical I did some core work ( since I am taking this week off from weights).  I kept it simple.

I performed 3 sets:

Hip Circles ( 10 each direction + 10 leg lifts) R and L sides

Plank hold – 30 seconds

Crunch with pelvic tilt ( back is flat on floor, abs engaged, glutes ( booty!!) are LOOSE not engaged, and perform a tiny pelvic lift + crunch.  A very small movement.  This will “burn” if you are doing it correctly.  Or it might be because my abs/core are weak?!? 😕  Either way, this is a good one.

I stretched a bit after this and then I called it a day.

You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't wipe your friends on the couch.-Ryan Seacrest

I know kids are big bundles of germs and all that good stuff, but there is one thing I won’t tolerate.  Boogers.  Snots. Mucus.  I am the Booger Nazi when it comes to my kids. I will be late anywhere if I see a hanger in one of the kids noses.  It might take me 5 minutes to get it, but I WILL get it.  I don’t have many hang- ups, but that is one of them.  Today’s booger blog was inspired by Miles.  Oh Miles, why did you do that?!?!  He ate a booger.  I cuaght him too.  He tried to be funny ( so I knew he did something wrong immediately) when I turned around.  I saw it.  It was not a little one either.  I got a tissue and wiped his tongue until I got the perpetrator.  I would rather him eat tissue paper than what he had.  And then we had “The Talk”.  No, not the birds and the bees; he’s only 3.  We had the Booger Talk.  Don’t pick your nose and don’t eat your boogs does not always get the results you want.  Sometimes you have to give it to them straight.  You have to tell them that the next time they get caught eating boogers that they will get sick.  Sick kids go to the doctor. The doctor will then stick a vacuum down their throats ( hand gestures work well here for affect) to suck out the yucky snot that is in their tummies.  It’s called Tough Love people!  Needless to say Miles had a lot of questions that I was happy to answer.  I also had to let Matt know what was going on because I am sure Miles will ask him about it.  🙂  It’s like he does not believe me or something?!?! I am just trying to scare him straight!  I read somewhere that young nose pickers and booger eaters grow up to be nose pickers and booger eaters unless their grossed out mother intervenes – might as well put a stop to it now.  I know you agree.    So far the rest of the day has been booger free.

Miles Parker: Former Booger Eater. He is in recovery.....

On tap for tomorrow: Long Run.


4 thoughts on “Spin, core and boogers. TGIF!

  1. oh gosh I love your blog. I don’t know how your blogs have not been popping up on my blog reader roll but I’m so mad and must get caught up and get you on my blog roll ASAP! You’re too funny. And yes, you can’t help but sneak a peek in yoga when someone’s stuff is hanging out…:) Your comment made me laugh.

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