Speed work on the treadmill…

It feels nice to be done for the day!  Done with my workout anyway.  I am unable to join my running group on Thursday’s.  Darn kids and their activities!  The best way for me to run on Thursday is to head to the gym and do what I must on the treadmill.  It takes me about 5 or 6 times on the treadmill ( after coming off of running consistently outdoors) to stop loathing it.  The first 3-4 session literally suck.  I hate it and run super slow and end up quitting after 1-2 miles.  I know. I am a baby.  Whatever.  My last treadmill session was pretty good.  Today’s?  Awesome!  Finally!  🙂

I did shorten the warm up and cool down, but I was afraid of running out of time.  And I wouldn’t have, but better safe than sorry!

1 mile Warm up was in 9:01

1 mile cool down was 9:20

The workout today was pickups.  I ran fast for 2 minutes ( I ran between a 7:00 min. mile and 6:20 min. mile) I increased the pace every 20-30 seconds.  After the speed work I did a recovery jog for 3 minutes. I had to walk a few times too.  I was tired.  I did this 6 times for a total of 30  minutes.  My HR averaged 163 and I had moments of a HR of 180.  Dang.   I felt fast again for about 2 minutes at a time!  It hurt really bad at times, but I welcomed the pain of the run.  It’s been a while since I tried to push through the pain of a run.  I was long over due.  I am working on my slacker ways.  Hopefully today will put me at ease.  My vocal cord dysfunction ( I know, I am a nerd) did not “flare up” if it actually does that.  I have no idea.  It can be brought on by stress and anxiety. *I can only be cured with a massive shopping spree and a warm weather vacation.  The kids are allowed on this vacation, but there must be an on-site babysitter at all times.  This vacation must also last a minimum of 3 weeks in duration.  So, as you can see; I will never be cured.  Bummer.*** I only thought about it during the last 2 intervals when I really went for it.  I just pushed those stressful thoughts out of my mind ( for the most part) and ran.  It worked.  Who knew?  I know that the treadmill is kind of cheating and there is no wind, cold and snow in my face, but I had that on Tuesday! 😉  Give a girl a break.  I am looking forward to my next outdoor run.

On tap for tomorrow: Spin instruction and a few minutes on the elliptical ( for old times sake!)


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