To lift or not to lift?

I’m not sure why this blog was pink in the first place!  My true love is purple!

*what does purple mean??   I like to find this stuff out and then I lie to pick and choose that parts that I agree with!  Kind of like horoscopes.  A bunch of baloney, unless it’s something good!

***Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.  It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good color to use in meditation.  Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple. Purple is the color most favored by artists.  Thursday’s color is purple.***    What’s your color?

I am not sure what half of that means, but most the other half sounds good.  Key words:  royalty, good judgement and coolest. Yup, that’s me.

I also put some new stuff on the side.  I never knew that the subscribe button/icon was all the way at the bottom!  When I am logged in, it’s at the top.  I found out today when I was explaining over and over to a friend to “look at the top!  Subscribe is at the TOP!!!”  I wasn’t actually yelling, but still.  I was way wrong.  Oops.  5th time in my whole life.

I will be honest here.  I never lifted weights today.  I did watch Y&R though.  I have been so good with lifting 2 times a week and I have not missed a week in months.  And then it hit me.  I need this week off!  Duh.  It’s been a while, so I will also not lift weights until next week.  My schedule will be a little different as well:


Spin instruction

Totally Toned instruction


every other- 90 minute spin

Healthy Mind/Body instruction

Cardio Sculpt instruction

Running club


Spin instruction

lift weights

90 minute spin instruction


Run/ or cardio


Spin instruction

lift weights




**Off ( probably!)


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