The final Wednesday of January= Race Day!

Spin race day. January is almost coming to a close. Can you believe it???!?! It went by so quickly. This year I will host a race day spin on the last Wednesday of the month. Last year I did the same thing only on Monday. I had about 16-17 people in class this morning and only 1 front rower!  It was funny to look up and see everyone in the back rows.  I hope they know I can still see them! 😉  I had a personal goal today in class which I usually don’t do.  Class is not about me, but being it was race day I kinda made a goal.  My goal was to keep an average heart rate of 157-158 and guess what?  Somehow ( I am still not exactly sure how) I accomplished my goal!!  🙂  I kept a 157 average HR.  Woohoo! It was a pretty tough ride today( race day= 80%-92% effort and not recoveries).  I had new music ( a few new songs) which always makes it a better ride in my opinion.  The warm up was extended ( it was over 10 minutes).  I included a few power climbs in the warm up ( like the pros do it!) to get the class ready for what was to come.   I hope it helped them, because I am sure it helped me a lot!  We had a long stretch (7-8 minutes) of random timed rolling hills.  I had the class visualize passing 1 or 2 people during this time.  There was a short ( 5-6 minute) steady climb after that and then the long stretch of a flat road – Race Day style!  This was an 8 minute stretch ( give or take) and we had plenty of opportunity to surge ahead 3-4 times in 30 second intervals.  We turned up the resistance and surged ahead before settling back into a maintained cadence and gear.  Whew.  That made my HR soar.  I was sure I was not going to average 157 because of this!  We ended the race on a hill.  Why not?!?!  It was about 4-5 minutes long, it kept getting steeper and steeper.  We finished in a standing climb and I had the class power to the finish during the last-minute or so and then the race was over!  4 more weeks until the next race day.  Can’t wait!

I tried to lift some weights after that and after doing 1 squat + dumbbell swing I decided that it was not going to happen.  I did abs/core for about 15 minutes and called it good.  I might lift at home.  I should so I can get my 2 days in this week.  I should go do that now.  I can lift while I watch The Young and the Restless.  That’s what I do all day.  I watch soaps and blog.  🙂

Happy Last Wednesday of January 2011!



2 thoughts on “The final Wednesday of January= Race Day!

  1. HA! This made me laugh out loud (literally): “I can lift while I watch The Young and the Restless. That’s what I do all day. I watch soaps and blog. :)”

    I think it’s great to set a monthly goal for classes. For Powerflex I have ‘bump-it-up’ Monday, which is the first Monday class of the month because, I have found in my classes anyway, that most people will lift the same weights week-in/week-out.
    Your Race Day sounded like a great ride!

    • 🙂
      That’s a great idea for Powerflex Marnie! It’s a great way to get the members to challenge themselves. I told my Wednesday spin that the first week of Feb. will be endurance, than strength, intervals and we will celebrate with a race day on the last Wednesday!

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