Still tired……

Monday~ Even though I was way tired, I somehow got in a great workout.  Spin was a fast paced interval, lots of jumps ( not my favorite spinning maneuver) and hill climbs.  We did a bit of everything.  It’s weird, because Sunday was for the most par,t a rest day even though I was up until 3 AM.  I was still able to push myself very hard.  My heart rage average was  158 for the class which is rather high for me (during a spin class).  I wonder if I was really working that hard or if there is some correlation with being out of your mind tired and a high heart rate?  I will go with that I was working extra hard.  Yup.  I was too.  🙂

Most of the rest of my day was spent in a fog.  There was no time for a nap ( is there ever??).  I waited around to teach the spin class that never happened.  😦  I went and waited and my lone rider never showed up.  I assume class was canceled and he was called ( somebody forgot to call me though….no big deal).  It was nice to drive in the freezing cold coupled with slippery roads and drive around the parking lot for 15 minutes before finding an illegal parking space. 😉  To treat myself from not working out, I stopped at the Bagel Beanery and got a Chai Tea.  The girl in the drive -thru window was on the rude side.  It was very strange.  When I pulled up to get my drink she was cracking up and apologized and said she was not even talking to me and that she forgot her mic was on.  She was being rude to her co-worker.  I am not sure I believed her!  Hopefully she did not spit in my chai!   It hit the spot though.  Too bad I had a headache ( most likely from being over-tired) until almost 11pm when I finally went to bed.  I had my alarm set for 4:15 am for the early morning long spin class.  Naturally, I was up a full 30 minutes before the alarm was to wake me.

Tuesday~ 90 minute spin.  It was a good class today.  They were all there and ready to work hard.  I wanted to lift weights today, but because of my late Sunday (this dang hair do!!) I was unable to grocery shop and we were just about out of all the essentials.  I usually go shopping by myself.  The last time I took both kids I got a bit annoyed at them asking for something in every isle.  So I warned Miles a few thousand times before we left home not to ask for, touch or point at anything.  Lucky for him me, he was a perfect angel.  🙂  We bought a ton of groceries today so hopefully I won’t have to go back on Wednesday for the things I forgot to buy today.  I say that knowing I will be back there tomorrow!  I try to make a list, but I, for the most part get the same things every week.   I love my grocery store.  Meijer.  Whatever you need, they have it.  I bought food, light bulbs, a leotard ( for Amara) and if I wanted I could have bought a mailbox, jewelry, iPod or a hacksaw!  It can actually a bad thing as well.  You (I ) end up buying things you(I) really don’t even need, but just the fact that it’s there and possibly on sale.. why not?  I’ll take 2 please.   So anyway; after Meijer, Miles ate lunch and went to bed.  I should be sleeping too, but I guess that will have to wait until later ( after I watch The Biggest Loser).

On tap for later today: Cardio Sculpt instruction and running club ( Hills!!)


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