Head for the hills….10 times.

Cardio Sculpt class was at 4:15 today. I did a lot of yelling and ordering those women around! I joined in for a fun squat/squat jump/ squat pulse sequence though – who doesn’t love a good squat??!?! 😉 They complained quite a bit tonight. It’s week 4 of the 8 week session so it’s time to step it up! It was all in good fun. Tonight’s lucky number was 3…so I had them do 3 rounds of every grouping of exercises in class. They even had to run up 3 flights of stairs 3 times ( by request.  Not the 3 sets, just the stair running…) They did not like that so much, but they all did really well.


A great way to get the heart pumpin'.



After class I headed out to East Grand Rapids to meet the running club for some running fun.   On the way there I decided that all I really wanted to do was go back home! I figured that since I was already on my way I would just start early so then I would be done early. I met my buddy there and we were on our way. After the almost 2 mile warm up, we were headed for the hills. This time I had to do 10 hills.  Two more than the last time.  Ugh. The good thing about this time was that the hill was free and clear of snow and ice! ( The warm up run was not, it felt like I was running on sand. Cold, wet annoying sand that had snow on top).  I’m not going to lie, tonight’s practice was difficult.  For some odd reason, the last 3 hills were not too terrible though and I ran them the fastest. Makes no sense.  Maybe it was because some good tunes finally came on my MP3 player. After the hills we did a nice slow-paced cool down back to our vehicles.   I am so glad I did not turn around and go home.   I always feel better after a workout, even if I go into it with a bad attitude ( NOT that I ever have a bad tude’. ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good run.
On tap for tomorrow: Spin instruction ( race day), and lift weights.


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