Ionic Detox…….( not for the squeamish)


I had quite the adventure this past Saturday night.  I had an Ionic Detox with Marilyn Heeringa.    She is the owner of Detox for Healthy Living located on the NE side of Grand Rapids.  A close friend of mine suggested that I join her in getting a cleansing ion foot bath.  I wasn’t so sure at first, but upon further explination; I was game.  I am pretty easy to convince.  It’s holistic healing, so why not?

From the website:

Each session takes about 1 hour.  The ionic detox array goes into the tray of water with the your feet, and the power supply delivers a small amount of direct current into the array, which causes the metals within it, in combination with water, and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions. After your ion cleansing, you will enjoy having your feet gently dried and massaged while a soothing moisturizing lotion is applied. Next your feet are placed on a foot massager for 10 minutes. The foot massager is a nice final bit of pampering while you drink are given vitamins and minerals in s bottle of purified drinking water to refresh and re-hydrate your body.

The Ionic Detox is great for people that suffer from fatigue, edema, low immunity and arthritis and joint pain.  The immediate benefits are an increase in energy and over all well-being, increased metabolism, improved digestion and much much more!

It was great.  All you do is take your shoes and socks off and stick your feet in a nice warm foot bath.  That’s it.  And then you sit in amazement and watch the color of the water change……. it’s not pretty!  You really have to see it to believe it.  Having your own experience would be the best way to know exactly what I am talking about.  Here are a few pictures of what was pulled out of my body- TOXINS!   ….. I had a lot!

After 10 minutes of soaking.....

After 20 minutes.....

After 45 minutes.......

A close up view of my toxins.... ( disgusting; I know.) The final results!

It was painless.  Marilyn was awesome.  She is 73 and you would never know it.  She is very personable and has traveled the world!  It was very nice to sit and talk with her and learn about her travels and life in general.  Give her a call and make an appointment today.  363-9113.

I had no idea what I was in for!! 🙂




9 thoughts on “Ionic Detox…….( not for the squeamish)

  1. Wow! And to think you just did a detox for your system a few weeks ago! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds interesting. I am always tired…maybe I should do that! 🙂

      • Thanks for the invite. I want to for sure sometime, but that weekend we will be snowboarding! Thanks for the workout today.

  2. Hey Marcia!

    That article/experience was pretty cool, although gross looking. I wonder if you can find out from your lady if there is anything like it down here in TN? Curious to know. Thanks!

    • I will find out for you. I actually might see her again soon. 🙂
      A friend of mine who is at least as “healthy” as I am 😉 says that her knee that had surgery performed on it ( and hurts while running) was free of pain for 2 weeks (?) after the foot bath. Another claims that due to her not so great diet ( fatty fried foods daily) that the water had white balls come to the surface- they were balls of fat! So, some people are not so sure about this, but I am willing to try it a few more times!

  3. Marcia,
    That sounds gross, but cool. A couple of questions here: 1. I have toe/knuckle issues with swelling… and want to know if it will aggravate it.
    2. Is there anything like that around here- Hartland / Brighton area?
    Thanks for all of the motivation. Was off my rocker last week, but getting back in the game this week.


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