3 AM

4 hours of sleep.  Not eating for about 10 hours ( I was not sleeping).  Watching 3 movies + mindless television.  Going to bed and waking up with a headache.  Now I remember why I only get my hair braided twice a year!  I am getting too old for this.  I can’t believe I did this regularly for YEARS! The good thing is that my hair is maintenance free for a few months.  Hopefully, next time I can get an earlier start- 3 AM bed time?  Really?


2 thoughts on “3 AM

  1. my goodness, the process sounds like it sucks! i had it done once in college and it took about 4 hours but only lasted a couple weeks before getting all nasty and fuzzy. I have really fine hair, though, and it was really long at the time.

    the no maintenance thing sounds pretty great though, and i bet you look adorable!

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