Negative running (weather; not attitude)

Today’s run started in negative degree temps ( well, the wind – chill made it negative), as in -8 degrees!  It was freezing.  If you are not sure what -8 degrees feels like; well consider yourself lucky!  I imagine it feels like an ice bath ( which I have never done), with a high-powered fan on ( not in the bath; that would be stupid) while eating ice cream, while running.  While Running at a snail’s pace slowly.  My goal for the day was to challenge my heart rate.  I gave myself a wide ranged goal to meet ( 151-166) and I totally did not meet it(140’s).  I did not even come close.  BUT, I am OK with it.  My new challenge today was to not get frostbite on my nose.  My challenge today was to not have my BUFF freeze to my face.  My challenge today was to not give up and turn around and go home!

Getting ready to rob a bank, and then go for a run during the deep freeze.

I met all my challenges today.  Some of them were barely met, but that’s OK.  I survived and felt awesome afterward.  I was done.  I ran 9.79 miles!  I was not even anal about my distance.  I was not worried about not running 10 miles.  I only set out to do 9…so there!  😉

I won’t give a play – by- play, but if you want to see the break down here it is BREAKDOWN! My pace was actually a tad bit faster than the results show.  Not by much I am sure, but it was so cold and I had on my ski gloves I was not about to take them off every time I stopped running.  I would think my avg. was under 10 minutes per mile, but who knows, and who cares!?!?!   I had some great company running with buddies I have not run with in a little while.  It was fun to catch up when I was actually able to talk ( it was so cold, my breath got taken away a lot!)  Amara announced today that she wants to run the 5/3 5k again this May!!  She ran it last year(49:02!!! ) and it was so windy and so cold that she decided that day that she would not do it again.  EVER!  She changed her mind today!  🙂

Amara's First 5k- 2009

There were a lot of runner’s out this morning.  We are a crazy bunch!  It was great to see.  My GU was frozen though, I think I took in about 10 calories of that during the run.  Somehow the Gatorade was warm.  I am not sure how, but I was not complaining!  It was great!

The rest of the day consisted of going to Target and shopping of the clearance rack!  I found a very cute sweater/coat thing.  I looked for it on the website with no luck. It was $7.50!  Deal.

I met a dear friend later at a very cool place.  It is called Detox for Healthy Living.  A few weeks ago she ( Marilyn) offered a Groupon.  I did not get the deal, but my friend did and told me it was something I had to try.  I was game.  I will give a more detailed report tomorrow though.  Let’s just say it was an experience.  I had the Ionic Detox.  It was easy.  All I did was stick both feet in a pan of water….and then the fun began.   😉

On tap for tomorrow: ????

On tap for right now:   Social Network!  🙂   (the movie!!)


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