Turkey Meatballs…

I made turkey meatballs last night for dinner.  I snapped some pictures as well.

Naturally, both of our cameras ran out of juice so I was unable to take a picture of the whole meal…. figures!  😉

So anyway here is the recipe.  I don’t really measure anything when I make it up and I  make it up as I go.  That’s how I roll.

1 pound lean turkey

1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs


minced garlic (lots and lots)

Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb ( umm, a few dashes)

Garlic Salt (a few dashes)

spinach (raw) torn into pieces

Turkey ( it looks like brains. I rarely cook ground beef for this reason- bloody brains anyone?

I mixed it all together.

I made them in to balls.

I drizzled them with olive oil.

I sprayed the skillet with cooking spray.

I browned the meatballs on both sides.

I poured some balsamic vinegar in the pan with a little bit of water.


I added some Sesame Ginger dressing to the pan.

I put a lid on the pan and let the meat cook (simmer) for about 10 minutes.

*I am paranoid about cooking meat and I usually


overcook it in fear of under-cooking it.  🙂  they probably were done at 6-7 minutes in.  They were still moist so it’s all good.


All mixed up

The pretty picture you don’t see is the pasta, meatballs and sauce that Amara had for dinner. ( dang camera batteries!)

I ate my dinner many


hours later and paired it with couscous and broccoli.

There ya have it.  Dinner!   I hope you like how the pictures are displayed.  I like to be artistic whenever I can.  Or maybe I have no idea what I am doing.  Nope.  I am artistic. 🙂




Finished product- Turkey meatballs.


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