Running (Spinning really), on EMPTY

I am all mixed up on my days this week.  I thought for sure today was Thursday (no such luck).  It is in fact Wednesday ( in case you were wondering).

So that means Spin at 10 am today.  It seems so long ago.  I think we did an interval class.  Yup, that’s what we did.  I think it went over well.  It was one of those types of classes that sneek up on ya in terms of difficulty.  That was the plan anyway and that is how I felt by the end.  I also taught a 90 minute spin class at 7:15 pm.

One might think that over 8 hours between classes would be more than enough time to recover and tackle the class with gusto ( what’s gusto?).  I thought so too.  Usually I feel great.  Actually, I felt great going into it, but about 60 minutes or so into class, I stopped sweating.  That can’t be good.  I was born to sweat.  I sweat when I hear the 75 degree weather report.  I felt I was downing water before class as well as during, but apparently not enough.  Not only did I stop sweating, but I also could not get my heart rate up over my recovery zone.  I tried.  Over and over again and then I just said forget it.  I made the last 30 minutes a recovery ride for myself.  I probably needed it anyway.  And another weird thing – I am never hungry immediately after classes.  Never.  Sometimes it’s even hard for me to eat within the hour.  Tonight I could not get home fast enough to eat dinner.  This is not normal.  I’m not complaining really,  I just want to know what was going on with me!  I might have to drink even more water I guess.  Dinner was great.  I have not had pasta in a while so it tasted really good tonight.  Or maybe it was because I was starving after teaching and anything would have been great to me…….  pasta with lean ground turkey and roasted garlic cauliflower ( after tasting it Amara said, ” I wish I could eat this all day long” – we are pretty serious about food over here…  😉  ) . I am sure I poured about a half of a jar of pasta sauce on my dinner.  It was delicious.  I have been burning roasting the heck out of some veggies lately.  So far we have tried – cauliflower ( first time making it was today), broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.   What else can I roast??   I was going to take a picture of my fabulous dinner, but the camera was missing.

The camera was taking pics of this - The Monster ( the kids named it)

Matt was using it in the basement and that just seemed too far away at the moment ( starving!).  After dinner I had several glasses of ice cold water.  I am hoping that I return to my sweaty self during tomorrow’s 90 minute spin!  🙂

I relaxed tonight with a little American Idol.  I know, I know.  I say every year ( for the last 6 seasons) that I was done watching it, but I can’t miss the first couple of shows.  🙂  I was not sure about J- L0 and Steven Tyler as judges, but I think I like them on the show.  I get so embarrassed for the really bad singers that think they are good.  I usually fast forward their rants.  It’s painful to watch.  Some of the stand outs that I can remember was the last contestant ( twin), the scruffy dude in the beginning with the scratchy yet soulful voice ( don’t act like this isn’t the best description ever).  I also liked the annoying girl that was not a pageant girl – she was 16 and from NC.  She was too polite for words.  Also the girl named Brielle and the singing waitress.  She was really good.  And there ya have it – the best American Idol recap ever.

The New judges

On tap for tomorrow: Run?  90 minute spin.


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