Late night party for 2. Treadmill intervals, core and Michael Buble……

It’s a good thing I can somewhat function on less than 6 hours of sleep ( broken sleep).  It’s like I have a newborn over here.   Miles!!  He was up at midnight.  I never made it to bed before I heard him.  He wet the bed.  Poor guy.  It was not entirely his fault.  I usually wake him and take him to the bathroom around 11 pm, so yeah I was an hour late.  He did his business and then complained of a tummy ache.  Uh- oh.  So I stayed with him for a bit and then put him back in bed.  I was still not in bed before he started crying again.  Not good.  I have been waiting for the stomach stuff to go through our family; and I figured it was about to start.  I started asking him questions about how he felt.  He’s only 3, so I did not really expect too much.  Well, I did conclude that he was not sick.  I let him know we would have to go to the doctor ( at 1 am) to get him checked over. He was not a fan of that idea. He changed his mind quickly about the severity of his tummy troubles.  He then asked when it would be light out because he was not tired anymore.  Ha. Stinker.  I think all he wanted was some cuddle time with his mom. Who can blame him? I am pretty great….. 😉

I can't resist the dimples.

I could not resist and we just cuddled and talked for a good 15 minutes.  He told me about his day and the fun stuff he did.  It was nice, but I hope he does not think we will do this every night.  🙂  He finally went to sleep with no more interruptions.  Me, on the other hand, well, I laid awake until 2 am ish and then it was time to get up.  Awesome.  I thought

( prayed and hoped) that Miles would sleep in.  No such luck.  He was up and ready to party at 7:00 AM.

We got ready for the gym.  I decided to run inside today.  We have a Wintry Mix for the weather report.  Sounds fun, right?  Not so much. Freezing rain, snow etc.  I did not want to take the chance and plan to run with rungr tonight and then have the weather be crappy.  I did my first Heart Rate based training workout.  It was to be 55 minutes with varying heart rates.  I am not a fan of the treadmill, but this was not so bad because I was constantly changing the speed and or incline to get the correct heart rates.  While, I can’t say the time flew by ( cuz it didn’t), it was not as boring as running a consistent pace.  It ended up being 5.5 miles.  Not too bad I hope. My running playlist include a variety of artists today: Incubus, Lil’ Wayne, Linkin Park, Eminem and Jay-Z. Today’s run was fueled by swearing. Sometimes you just need that kind of motivation! After running I planned on lifting weights. I was short on time, but I had time to do something. Instead of doing a full body circuit as I usually do. I did a core based workout. It took me about 10 whole minutes. Short and sweet.
plank (30 sec)
push ups (30 sec)
plank (15 sec)
push ups (15 sec)
ball wall sit (45 sec)
ball crunches (30 sec)
ball ham curls (30 sec)
squats (30 sec)
hip circles (15 each direction/each leg)
leg lifts (15 per leg)
ball hyper ext. (15)


Now that I look at this, it can still be considered full body- right? I think so.
Random: I never knew I like Michael Buble. He keeps popping up on my Pandora radio. No matter what style of music I have- Mr. Buble chimes in.   The biggest Loser is on tonight.  The new trainer’s will be revealed!  The girl trainer is a boxer.  How cool is that??  I want to box.  I’ll fight you right now.



5 thoughts on “Late night party for 2. Treadmill intervals, core and Michael Buble……

  1. Poor you. You need a nap! 🙂 My workout yesterday and today was shoveling. I am sore. LOL I will be in spin tomorrow though. We like Buble at this house. Oh, and for the record, I do not want to fight you, I would lose.

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