Is it the weekend yet?

Is the day over yet?!?!?   Almost, since it’s almost 12 midnight.  Why am I still UP????

A quick recap of my Monday-

Spin at 10 am…..  I repeated the strength interval class I taught on Friday.  I changed it up just a bit and used a new playlist.  I planned on pushing myself in the class and I think I did. I think my HR avg. was 160.   The class only had one empty bike today too.  🙂

Totally Toned at 12 noon.  I was just a spectator today.  I lead the warm up and even used a seasoned class participant to demonstrate the moves!  She is HIRED!  😉

3-2-1 instruction was at 5:30 pm.  I subbed this class my instructor.  I was not really wanting to teach, but I saw some old faces and it was a good time!  I taught most of this class.  6 minutes of warming up, 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes toning and 1 minute core…REPEAT until the 45 minute class is over.

90 minute Spin Endurance.   I had one man show up!  It was kind of awkward, but hey, I better get over it right?!?!  HE did really well and his reason for being there is weight loss.  I was able to change the workout and make it just for him so that was fun for both of us I think.

That is my day in a nutshell.  I did stuff between gigs of course, but it’s late and I am finally winding down and I think my dinner has finally digested.  🙂

Waiting for the weekend…..   ( thankful to have a job though!!!)

Goodnight and it seems as if everyone is afraid to be the 1st to enter the AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!  Don’t be scuuured.


On tap for tomorrow: Run indoors? ( lots of freezing rain happening right now), lift weights and teach Cardio Sculpt.


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