Sunday – a day of rest ( and drool).

Sunday = complete sit on my butt in my pajama’s until I was forced to get dressed in order to get groceries day. I feel soooo very tired too. Why does that always seem to happen when I allow myself to rest? I watched a lot of TV. I washed not one dish. I did 0 loads of laundry. The kitchen is a mess and I need clean workout clothes for the upcoming week. Am I worried or stressed about this?? NOPE. I guess I needed to sit on my butt chill out and watch Cupcake Wars, Chopped and whatever else I watched today.   I did get in a super short nap when Matt and the kids went to the gym.  I was not sure if I actually slept, but the puddle of drool on the couch pillow was all the evidence I needed. 😉
When I finally got dressed in regular clothes at 6:30 PM, Miles was quick to notice. ” Mom, you finally put clothes on!” Can’t get anything passed that one……
I am still feeling my Friday workout.  Mostly in my chest! Yesterday’s run was really a recovery run due to my low heart rate.   It was probably a good thing as this week will really be the start to my crazy teaching schedule.   I was to start it last week, but it was a false alarm apparently and the craziness will in fact, start tomorrow.   If I am counting correctly I will be instructing 9 classes next week ( although 4 of those are 90 minutes so I usually count those as 2…so 13 classes if you want to get all technical..). Or 585 minutes worth.    Or 9 hours and 45 minutes of teaching. Oh boy. Kinda wish I did not break it down in that fashion……  🙂  I will survive!!  I am learning how to reign it in while I instruct some of my classes.  That might include teaching/coaching off of the bike or just not pushing as hard or not adding a lot of resistance when I teach.  Personally, teaching off the bike is hard for me.  I am trying though and i KNOW that some of the best instructors do this a lot.  It can be a very effective way to teach and as an instructor it’s my duty to stay healthy and injury free.  I won’t be much good to my class ( or my family) with mono or an injury……  I am working on it!

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, Totally Toned, 3-2-1, Spin   OY!


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