9 (slow)miles(that felt fast) in the snow!

Snowy day!  I was able to meet Andi at 7:00 am ( you’re welcome!) to get our run over and done with.  It snowed throughout the night and was still snowing when our run started.  It was about 23 degrees and the wind was off and on for the most part.

My warm shirts...love the finger holes! My hands do too...they were actually SWEATING today.

I wore my new tights again, new shirt as a base layer and my old Nike thermal top.  I decided not to wear my windbreaker and I regretted that at first, but I think my thermal did just find standing up to the wind.  It’s about 6 years old and still works!  😉

Why do I run in this stuff??

I won’t do a mile play-by-play today…. but my goal was to keep my heart rate between 161 and 166 bpm.  Let’s just say– NOT SO MUCH!  NOT EVEN CLOSE!  My average HR was 152!!  I tried, really I did.  I felt really good considering the hideous weather conditions.  It was slippery, snowy, windy and dangerous today.  It was a hard run, but I felt good.  I felt as if I was flying too.  NOT SO MUCH!  NOT EVEN CLOSE! 9:58 average.  I thought my Garmin was malfunctioning!  Nope.  It works just fine ( whew and knocking on wood).  I guess it’s a good thing my actual HR training starts next week…….  or else the world would end today, right? Heaven forbid I don’t hit my HR numbers.  😉  I am still kind of baffled at my pace and heart rate today(can you tell??).  It was a hard run, so I assumed my HR would be higher even if I was not going all that fast.  My effort seemed to be there.  Moving on……

I am so sore from yesterday’s workout!!  My chest is on fiya!  That will happen with 80 reps of flyes I guess.  I forgot that I worked my inner thighs too.  Yup, I remembered as soon as I was up and mobile today.  Ouch!  It is a good hurt though. It let’s me know I worked hard.  Hopefully, the soreness won’t last too long.  ( I get the hint..enough!) 😉

Dressed to impress.....I also had a scarf ( thanks Andi!)

We don’t have any plans for the rest of the day.  The kids and Matt already played in the snow. ( I am still without proper snow boots, so I got to stay inside and catch up on DVR stuff).  Miles is currently sleeping ( 8 hours dry at night is his record- woohoo!) and Amara is happily working on a school project.  Next week she will be the Star Student.  She is pretty excited about this.  She will have Star privileges all week in school and has to fill out a bio on all of her favorite things.  Her favorite food?  She could not decide because she has about 100 of them ( her words).  She finally choose my homemade enchilada’s!  Smart kid( I knew she was my favorite for a reason).

It's All About Me Tee!

On tap for tomorrow:  Yoga? Light Cardio?  Off?   Who knows!  😉

Were you active today?  What did you do?

Do you like feeling sore from a workout?

Star Student Amara--taking a break to smile for the camera.


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