Spin, lift and spin again!

Tired. I could not sleep after 3:35 AM this morning. Of course! My alarm was set for 4:15……..love that!
I repeated the interval spin class from Wednesday. The Friday class liked it a lot. 🙂
After spin I did my “crazy” strength – type workout for the week.
4 sets of 20 reps.
Jumping jacks with a body bar ( 22lbs)
Chest Flyes ( 15 and 12 lbs dumbbells)
Squat Jumps
Plank Jacks
Mountain Climbers

I rested between sets until my heart rate got down below 120 bpm.

After all this I did some abs and core work for about 10 minutes.
This whole workout took less than 25 minutes! I was pouring sweat; even from the abs/core part. 🙂

I went home for about 4 hours and then had to get back to the gym to teach another spin class. I taught it strength style. 1 big hill with a flat road and then into another mammoth climb. This class seemed to enjoy it. I tried to take it easy on myself, but well, that does not always happen. ;)Today was pretty good as far as classes go.

On tap for tomorrow: RUN! I am goign to try to keep it in my correct HR parameters now that I know what they are!


3 thoughts on “Spin, lift and spin again!

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