Treadmill Test= Success!

I had my treadmill test today!  Yipeee!!  It was HARD.   Well, it was difficult – nothing I could not handle.  I was not sure how it was going to be conducted; which was probably a good thing!  It was less about speed as I originally thought.  I kept a steady pace on the treadmill of 7.0 mph, which is not terribly fast. A nice comfy pace was what my tester Ryan had me run.  It all starts there for about a minute and every minute or so the incline is increased my 2%.   Woah.  I got up to 8% incline which was at about the 10 or 11 minute mark.  I was ready to stop and by then,and thankfully it was time to stop . Verdict?  I am a runner, not a cyclist! Ha!  According to the results it seems as if I have been running more than cycling.  Fine but me.  I like cycling enough and want to be better, but running is my first and true love!  The print out shows how much better my V02 Max  is for running ( pink) compared to cycling ( the other colors).

Pink= Running Vo2 Max...other colors = bike V02 Max ( running is where it's at!) Holla...


Way better!  🙂  So, what now?  Now I can fully invest myself in heart rate training!  Ryan is going to come up with a plan that I WILL start to follow next week.  I am kind of excited ( can ya tell?!??!) to get started with this.  I really want to improve on my running this year, since last year was kind of a bust.  After that I thought i might hop on the elliptical and read for 30 minutes, but Andi caught me so we chatted for a bit.  By then it was time to go home.  So today will be a day off.

Amara has dance tonight so I have to figure out a quick dinner and pack some stuff for Miles to do.  He has made it clear that he does NOT want to dance anymore!  He is funny.  One more time…. the giveaway ends tonight at 8 pm.  I posted the wrong day in yesterday’s post ( shocking, I know).  Get ready for another giveaway soon!  It’s probably going to be a piece of jewelry!  😉


Lunch! On the menu: PB and honey on whole wheat, Kashi crackers, and hummus.



On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction, lift weights, spin instruction. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Treadmill Test= Success!

    • 🙂
      No problem about the TM. When I had to do my hill workouts indoors the coach of my running club gave me those inclines….. 😉
      8% was kind of terrible… 🙂

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