Phase II of The 24 Day Challenge….

So, the Herbal Cleanse is over and I am still alive! I dropped about 4.5 lbs during the 10 day phase I. Not too shabby. Some people lose more, some less; it is different based on how closely you followed the “rules”. In my case I followed it about 80% which is the minimum that it recommends. I am happy with the results. I feel lighter, less bloated and better over-all. Now its time for the 2nd phase. This final phase is 2 weeks long. The short version goes like this. It’s called MNS ( Metabolic Nutrition System). What is it good for? Appetite control, Energy and core nutrition. It also offers omega 3’s and probiotics. It comes in strip packaging that is very easy to follow. The directions are right on the strips.


MNS pack.

You basically take 1 strip 30 minutes before breakfast; another strip with breakfast and follow the same directions for lunch. The goal is to be done with the MNS at lunch time.
Here is a quick version of the eating plan. It’s easy!

Breakfast– Advocare meal replacement shake ( delicious)
OR choose 1 or 2 of these: 3-4 eggs, oats and fruit/nuts
Snack– Choose 1 or 2: 3 eggs, 1 fruit, veggies, nuts or nut butter, hummus, rice cakes (2), can of tuna, protein powder
Lunch– protein w/ veggie and a low carb made with whole grains
Snack- same as above
Dinner– protein with veggies ( add brown rice or potato if needed)
Snack- same as above

As you can see, it’s not bad at all.  To be honest this is how Matt and I normally eat when we are on the same page ;).  Yes, we do veer from this from time to time, but we both know we feel the best when we eat kind of structured.  I like that.  I also love that I am not measuring out every morsel!  I do measure my protein sometimes.  Not always though.  I do try to watch my portion sizes of course, but with that being said; I am an endurance athlete so I can eat more! 😉  That’s the story I use anyway……

With this plan I use Catalyst and spark.  I sometimes use the meal replacement shakes.  They really are delicious, but they are very convenient for the mornings when I am in a rush and can’t ( or won’t) take the time for my oatmeal.

After the 2 weeks of using MNS you can continue on with the MNS or not.  It’s up to you.  If you don’t you can resume it at any time.   I usually take a week or 2 off, but during the off time I still follow the eating plan.   The entire 24 Day Challenge is on sale until Feb. 1st.

So , there ya have it!  As stated before, I am giving this info. because I have received quite a few questions about it.  Do what you want with it!  If you want/need more info.  please just email me!



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