Eats for the day……..

Back to normal eating:

Breakfast– oatmeal with dried cranberries and a spoonful of PB mixed in with a splash of almond milk.

Snack- nothing…. ( I had a late breakfast because my treadmill test was to be done 4 hours fasted (10:30am).

Lunch- turkey meatballs and roasted Brussels sprouts and salsa

snack- Orange

snack- green smoothie ( almond milk, spinach, pumpkin, few tbs. of Greek yogurt and cinnamon) ( I ease back with the dairy for good reason…. ) 🙂

Dinner- tuna with hummus on 90 calorie bread, a few rice crackers. Salad with spinach and romaine and low cal dressing and sunflower seeds.

So, as you can see… there is nothing really weird about today. I followed the plan pretty closely, but I had to make adjustments with what I had going on today. I also was not that hungry ( not normal) , since I did very little physical activity. The bike test was about 12 minutes total.


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