Super fast class and super fast circuit.

Spin- Today was another interval. These can be the easiest classes to plan, but sometimes I can sit and sit and sit and not come up with a new idea. I think I did that today. For the most part, it was a repeating pattern kind of ride. After the warm up we had a speed interval ( standing run, seated fast flat- repeat) and then we sprinted and recovered. Eight sets of this and than we were done! ūüėČ I think I had 8 on my mind after last nights run. ¬†Well, whatever the reason it worked!

After class I made up a quick circuit for myself.   I performed 4 sets of 10 reps:

Dead lifts

Incline Push ups


Lat pull down



For the deadlifts I did them off of a step with rises to give myself more range of motion.  I also did a different variation of the DL each time ( standard, sumo etc.)

For the push ups I performed them with my hands on the step bench with risers.  I also did them with one leg lifted ( 5 reps each)

The squats were done with a body bar ( 22lbs?)

The lat pull down was also with the body bar

abs on the ball- different type each set.

I took very little rest between sets to keep my heart rate up and I was done in less then 12 minutes!

Short, sweet and effective.

This means that my Friday weight workout has to have a bit of craziness in the mix. ¬†I wonder what I am going to do?? ¬†Any ideas? ¬†Gimmie! Today is the last day of my Herbal Cleanse! I might have to start the next phase on Friday instead of tomorrow. I have my treadmill test at 4 pm. I have to fast for 4 hours and no supplements either. That won’t work. I can start a day late. No harm done!

The rest of the day I will do domestic crap. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†I wish I had a maid and a chef. ¬†I¬†like¬†to cook , I just don’t like to clean up the aftermath. ¬†Laundry is not so bad; it’s¬†just¬†the folding and putting away that makes me annoyed!

I also have a client at 6 pm. ¬†I meet her once a month at her house with a new workout. ¬†There are 9 more hours left in the Moving Comfort Juno Bra Giveaway— have you entered yet??

On tap for tomrorow: ¬†Treadmill metabolic test!!! ¬†Not sure what after that…maybe a short steady state workout.


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