Head for the hills. 8 times.

Nothing like a nice, slipper snowy run up a hill! 8 times! Yeehaw! It was fun.
Let me back up a bit.
I planned on going to running club and starting at 6:30. My buddy asked if I wanted to start a bit earlier ( 6:15). Now, she is must faster than I am, but I thought her text mentioned running with someone else that is more my speed (re:slower!). I accepted the invite. To my surprise, she was meeting this slower buddy after the run, not for it. Ooops! So, I was forced determined to keep up with her and the other 2 fast butts that joined us!  The warm up was 1.66 miles and we did it in 14:35 (8:46/mile pace).  OK, so that was fast for me these days.  It was a warm up people! 😉  I was pushed outside of my normal box, which is a good thing.  My motto for 2011:  SUCK IT UP!!  I am learning to deal with my dumb breathing issues and this was a good test.  It was labored, but I think it was a normal  you’re running faster in the wind and cold snow kind of labored.  I did not keel over and die, so it’s all good! I am still positive my buddy slowed down her usual warm up pace for me  😉

After that the hills began.  Today’s workout was to be 8-10 hill sprints.  I chose to do 8, because, well; it was HARD!  In a good way of course.  I completed the hills in  16:41 ( 1.75 miles total/9:33 pace per mile) .  The route is kind of comical.   IT was slippery and dangerous.  I guess I am a rebel.  Running in the dark and cold night!  🙂  The cool down was next.  It ended up being 1.62 miles ( 14:47/9:06 pace).  It was nice of my friends that ran 10 hill sprints to slow down for me!  haha…it was the cool down after – all.  It was a great day ( night) for a run!


Before class I taught cardio sculpt.  Lots of jumping lunges, squat variations, jump rope and jumping jacks. I guess it was a nice warm up before the hills??

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction and weight training.


Do you enjoy winter running?

Do you follow a specific training program and/or does your training include hill work?


2 thoughts on “Head for the hills. 8 times.

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