Let the Games Begin

I survived! It was cold and I was sure I under dressed. I wore a short sleeve thin wicking shirt. Over that I had on a long sleeve Nike Dri – Fit mock turtle neck top and matching running tights ( Christmas present from Matt!). both are fleece lined and very soft and warm. I can’t find a link so just imagine running in soft warm clothes! 🙂 I also wore a windbreaker and a fleece ear band. I found my ski mittens and stuck my hand warmers in those and was good to go! I was a bit cold at first, but after the first 20 minutes or so I forgot that I was cold. Well, my face was a bit cold and so was my butt – that was weird! 😉
Here is the lowdown-CLICK!   I won’t give the play by-play, but Andi and I ran 9 miles this morning.  Both of our heart rates were LOW.  I think mine was actually in my recovery zone ( yay!)  and our pace was about 9:45 for the run, which means ( I think…) our aerobic base is improving. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

TOmorrow starts my new work schedule  It will look something like this:


10am- spin instruction

12 noon- totally toned instruction

7:15pm- 90 min. endurance spin instruction


5:15 am ( every other week) endurance spin instruction

12 noon? Healthy U class instruction ( new moms- a new crop! 🙂 )

4:15pm- Cardio Sculpt instruction

(running club- my own time.)


10 am- spin instruction

7:15pm- 90 minute extreme performance spin instruction


7:15pm ( every other week) 90 minute extreme performance spin instruction


5:30 am – spin instruction

Saturday- OFF  🙂

running club

Sunday- OFF 🙂


Woah.  It looks a lot more intimidating when I see it all written down.  I would also love to see how I can fit in 2 weight training sessions a week in this mess.  ( Tuesday and Friday?)    I better go and start planning my classes ( help!!!)


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