How do you know……

I was not sure if was going to be able to get a workout in today or not. I had to work at our gym’s fitness fair. I was stationed at the Spin Bike set up table. We did not set that many people up, but I was still surprised at how many people stopped by to talk and learn more about spinning.  Luckily, I was able to sneak away for about an hour to be a participants in a spin class.  It was a good one.  She (Andi) called it something like Sprint- A -Thon.  She was not lying.  I kind of planned on taking her class as a recovery day. HA!!  Andi showed me her class profile hours before the actual class and I made my mind up that today would definitely NOT be a recovery day.  And to solidify that, I got a seat right in the front row.  There is basically no half assing it in the front row!  😉  Not really, but I know a lot of front row people feel that way, since it seems as if the entire class can see how hard they are working.  I guess I can now empathize with them!  I think we did something crazy like 27 sprints in all???  It was a good one!  After class I finished my last hours at the fitness fair and headed home.  Matt and I were able to catch an early movie.  We saw How do You Know; starring Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd. You thought my title was going to lead up to a deep blog post didn’t you? It was OK.   It was kind of slow moving, but I think the characters silly quirks and lines saved it.  And I like Reese and Paul as actors too.  I thought it was a newer movie, but the tiny theater they put us in made me think differently! It was about knowing when you KNOW you are in love or something along those lines. I am feeling really tired today too.   I don’t think ( I am positive) I did not have enough water during the day. And Matt and I were both starving during the movie.  The popcorn smelled soo good.  The Hot Tamales and Skittles looked delicious!  I just chewed my sugar free gum and tried to act like it was enough!   Oh well, I have 4 more days of the Cleanse to go and then it’s onto the second phase.  It incorporates more food choices and I can bring dairy and bread etc. back into my eating style.  I found that when I eliminate dairy from my diet I am less bloated and puffy.  I will totally omit limit  cottage cheese and yogurt.  I will miss the Greek yogurt in my green smoothies though.  I need an alternative..any ideas?  I am not sure that almond milk will cut it, but I will try next week.  Time to catch up on DVR stuff! 🙂

How did you know? 🙂
On tap for tomorrow: Run!


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