It’s way too early! Dance class FAIL and PASS!

Spin came waaaay too early this morning.  I was up until almost midnight I think, maybe past midnight?!?  I was making a CD for class and when I listened to the last few songs and noticed they were skipping.  I had to make a new CD.  Well I did not have to, but I did anyway.  It was hard to get up at 4:10 AM for sure.

I am not sure if it was because I was already in a fog, but the class seemed very quiet.  I don’t expect people to be all crazy; especially at that hour, but still.  I did get one yelp midway through so I guess it was OK. 😉

Schwety again, but I tried to look less scary.

We did an interval today; mostly hills with some endurance thrown in for fun.  We climbed the same 5 minute hill 4 times, but each time was a little different.  We added some speed for about 10 seconds and then slowed it down for 20 seconds…over and over and over.  It was fun.  We ended with 3 sprints with heavy resistance.  After class I went on the elliptical for about 15 minutes.  I was not feeling it so I cut it 5 while minutes short!  A good song came on so I pushed on until it was over.  I know I was tired and also sore from yesterday’s workout.  I debated whether or not to weight train today, but I had to, so I did.

4 sets of 8:

lunges off of a step with risers

lateral raises

chest press

triceps extensions

dead lifts

bent over rows

Soo, dance class last night for both kids.  Amara was too excted.  I did not tell her about it until we went to to the store to get her leotard and tights ( a few hours prior to class…cuz that’s how I do things- last minute. Don’t judge)  Miles was excited until we arrived there.  His class turned out to be one hour long of part tap, ballet and gymnsatics.  Needless to say he was not a fan of the ballet shoes.  “girl shoes?? I’m not wearing giiirl shoes!!”  It was funny!! He has no problem playing with Amara’s dolls and professing his love for all things pink, but even a 3 year old has to draw the line somewhere.  😉  With a little bit of a struggle; Miles was off to class! The dance studio has TV’s in the lobby so the parents can watch.  I was able to witness my child standing in class ( of all girls!!) with either his hands over his eyes or ears.  Lovely.  He took 2 bathroom breaks and was astonished that I MADE him go back to class and see it to the end. I actually gave him the choice, but stressed how nice it would be for him to finish class etc.  On the verge of tears he went back.(YAY!)  I saw him come to life when he was able to do a few flips ( gymnastics) at the end of class and that was it.  He ran away from sight of the camera when the not so FUN flashing disco ball came on and the kids were able to free dance for 5 minutes.  It was probably the longest 5 minutes of his life!  Ha!  I am proud of him for sticking it out, and I won’t make him go back and participate.  Now, Amara on the other hand.  She could not get in the class fast enough!  Tap and ballet!  I was a bit worried because most kids at a dance studio such as this one, have been dancing since they could walk ( as in a dance lessons).  I did not want her feeling out of place because their level of dance.  I told her to go in there and have fun.  I expressed my concerns with the teacher and she took Amara under her wing.  Well, for about 5 minutes.  Amara did not need any special treatment or help.  I was laughing out loud in the lobby at her!  She was dancing and dancing quite well! ( I am positive she takes after me with this attribute)  She was all into it, especially the parts of the dance where she could be sassy and give some attitude ( of course, her specialty).  All in all it was a great experience for them both.  I am now looking for a gymnastics class for Miles.
Did you take any organized dance or any other lessons as a child? I never did. I was too shy and an introvert. I am so glad Amara is not that way! I think I missed out on a lot of fun!

Do you exercise on the weekends or do you take some time off? It depends for me. I never really know until the day arrives. I like to be spontaneous. Ha yeah right……

On tap for tomorrow: I have no idea. I think I have to work so I might take the day off from exercise!

Amara's first dance class....

How low can you go!


2 thoughts on “It’s way too early! Dance class FAIL and PASS!

  1. oh, I so wish that I would have taken more dance classes. We are trying to get my girls into more regular classes. Your daughter is adorable. Thanks for the comment…I can’t wait to read more of your great blog! I loved your comment! Um, this sounds so stupid please forgive me but is cycling at 24 hour fitness the same as spin or are they different? I feel stupid asking. 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hope to catch up and I’m so excited about spin…especially since you do it so much and had such a great time!!!

    • Most cycling classes are based off of Spinning….Spinning is the “original” indoor cycling format. It’s a specific certification that has certain rules. That’s the best way to describe it! Glad you like it!! Thanks for stopping by and I am having a good time reading your blog! 🙂

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