Schwety workout.

Change of plans today.  I was all dressed and prepared to run ( notice I did not say ready!) when I got the call. Andi’s little girly was sick so we could not run.  I was not happy that little L was sick, but I was not really feeling like running.  I know I need to run and was going to and was going to have an awesome run might I add.  😉 I would have thanked Andi at the end for forcing me ( gun to my head) to run too.  I quickly changed clothes and off to the gym I went with NO plan in mind.  I ended up on the elliptical reading an old issue of Good Housekeeping.  I meant to “borrow” it, but I forgot and turned it back in.  I ended up dong a very easy 30 minute routine… I did the program “Variety- Gluteal 2”.  I did not push myself much and I feel just fine with that decision.  After that I was not sure what to do.  I grabbed a jump rope and found myself on the upper deck of the pool (re: pretty much a sauna type environment) ready to do something.  Here is the break down:  3 sets. 60 seconds. 90 second recovery between sets.

Jump Rope

Bosu plank up-downs/plank hold

Box Jumps

Walk out push ups

Plank hip drops/plank opposite arm/leg lift

Ooops...picture of my schwety arm

After this I did about 100 “crunch” type exercises.  I loathe ab work.  So this was hard but good for me.

ab crunches on the ball (10)

+ a weight (10)

ab crunches on the floor (10)

+ a weight (10)

bicycle crunches (20)

2 sets of this nonsense 😉

Schwety me. Scary.

The equipment I used today was:

A jump rope

Step bench with risers

Bosu Ball

Exercise mat

weighted ball

stability ball

The whole circuit took me about 25 minutes or so give or take.  One of my goals ( I finally made one) is to do this type of short, but tough workout once a week.

The equipment......

I am done with exercise for the day.  Amara and Miles ( if Matt approves!! ) will have their first dance class tonight!  Amara will be way excited.  Miles – you never know with that kid!  He loves to dance, but I am not sure about an organized class.  We shall see!

On tap for tomorrow:

Spin instruction and weight training.


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