Cleanse- Day 4

I weighed in again — there was a slight drop, but duh that is expected; no cookies for 4 days!  Or Hot Tamales or an over – abundance of carbs for that matter.


Spark with water

Probiotic Pills plus water

Apple and herbal tea

(elliptical +schwety workout  )

oatmeal and egg 2 whites  rice rice crackers/hummus/bite of chocolate chip cookie  🙂

1 egg white and green beans

ground turkey, salsa, spinach and broccoli, hummus and rice crackers- water and herbal tea

Tuna/brown rice/salsa-water

2 Rice cake with walnut butter and berries- water

Herbal Cleanse tablets

Ok, so today was not ideal.  Not at all.  I feel fine, but I know I messed up.  I did not plan things well enough and that’s all I can say.  I will do better tomorrow!


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