Killer spin class that almost killed ME.

I had such a hard time making up today’s spin ride!  I was watching The Biggest Loser while trying to think .  It usually inspires me in someway.(cheesy, I know; but true).  I had about 4 post it notes crumpled up on the carpet.  I was stuck!  And then I finally came up with something.   I always say to myself ” It looked like a good idea at the time!”  Today’s class was HARD!  I will admit that I was really pushing myself today.  I had to keep proper form and cadence so my class would know what the heck was going on!  It was good though.  It was a simple interval format that  progressed in length for every interval set.  Whew. The last interval was 12+ minutes and I felt it.  The class was quiet( all 21 of them!) so I feel they felt it as well! ( This just in:  I hear that we are getting black staff shirts soon-  hurry up!). After class I jumped on the elliptical for 15 minutes, just because I wanted to.  I think this will be it for today.  I would really loooove to go to hot yoga tonight though, but my coupon is up! 😦   I might have to find a yoga class at the Y that fits my schedule soon.  I need yoga!  I never thought I would say that.I should be more tired today.  Amara was up at 2:30 am, crying and barking like a seal.  She freaked herself out.  I gave her some natural cough syrup and she slept until her alarm went off at 7:15 am.  I laid awake though worrying about her.  Darn kids!  😉  SHe seemed fine this morning and ate her breakfast and drank some tea with honey.  She only mentioned a slight headache and said nothing about her throat hurting so that’s good I hope.  I gave her some chewable Motrin ( it lasts 8 hours) and sent her on her way.  No phone calls yet, so I think she will be fine.  Somehow Miles slept in until almost 8 am today.  That’s fine, but it means he has to be on his “A” game with eating his breakFAST.  He did well today even though he asked for applesauce and an apple for breakfast! The kid loves his fruit.  I compromised and he had applesauce and a waffle!  He would eat bowls and bowls of fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him! It could be worse I suppose.


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