The Biggest Loser- Jillian’s last stance…..

The Biggest Loser starts tonight!  I love that show.  I hear it’s Jillian’s last season though.  I wonder what that will do for the show??  She is one tough lady.  I don’t agree with everything she does on the show, but for the most part she is one of the reasons the show does do well. 
Cardio Sculpt was today at 4:15.  It’s a new 8 week session so I was kindof very excited to see who signed up.  There are 6 people on the list and 5 showed up!  That’s pretty good for this place! 😉  I think I know everyone from before except for one participant.  It was good to see them too.. it had been a few years for most of them, so it was nice to know they are committing themselves to taking classes again.  We did some hi/low impact stuff – not a lot of choreography as that is NOT my specialty!  They did great.  We did intervals of cardio and toning.  They got a pretty good full body workout today  and I got my 2nd weights session in too.  Whew!  I was able to do some chest as I stated in the post from earlier today.  I also ended with about 5 minutes of  straight core work.  They were crying ( I was too).  Hips on FIRE! It was good though and I am sure we will all benefit from it.  Did I already say ouch?  Cuz it hurt.  Well I am off to nurse my wounds  😉 and get the kids in bed so I can plop myself on the couch to watch TBL!
Do you like The Biggest Loser?  Why or why not?
Team Jillian or Team Bob?  I usually lean towards Bob.  He is laid back and I think it’s funny when he swears.






2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser- Jillian’s last stance…..

  1. Well, I’d lean towards Bob too but Jillian is pretty bad ass!!! There’s actually a mother/daughter on this season from Valpo (aqua blue shirts.)

    *commercial is over* lol

    • Cool about the Valpo connection! I had a connection on The Bachelor- some girl from Saginaw ( not too far from me) that got the axe! 😉
      I wish they would show the new trainer’s already. I want to box now!!! lol!

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