Cleanse- Day 2

Well I forgot to weigh in again!  Oh well.  Not that important.
Things I ate today:
~Fiber Drink with almond milk
~Oatmeal with splash of almond milk + 3 egg whites. Herbal tea.  Water. Water. Water. ( I was lagging here so I had to CHUG, CHUG  and CHUG!)

~spinach and romaine salad with chicken and salsa.  Hummus with multi-seed crackers ( made with brown rice).    herbal tea

(Teach Cardio Sculpt) water

~almonds + apple

~White fish w/mango salsa, sautéed bell peppers and onions and roasted broccoli, brown rice. 4 fish oil pills, water


~Herbal Cleanse Tablets before bed.

(Run, lift weights) water.

* I forgot to add that for the most part Amara eats what Matt and I eat for dinner.  Tonight I will make her some other type of rice/couscous or a sweet potato just so she is not bored.  Miles NEVER eats what we eat for dinner. 🙂  When Matt and I eat better our kids automatically do as well and the adjustment is very easy because we keep it healthy for the majority of the time.  Our worst eating time is ALWAYS Thanksgiving up to the New Year.  We both kind of just give up!  😉  The cleanse is a good way to rid your body of the crap before you get back on the path of eating the way you should.  After the 10 day cleanse I plan on doing another 14 day regimen of sports nutrition (Advocare), called the 24 Day Challenge.  I have done it before and it helps to keep me on track.  Matt will just do the 14 Day eating plan w/o the supplementation.  If anyone wants more info on the Cleanse or the 24 Day Challenge; just email me –   The 24 Day Challenge products just went on sale too!  😉 **I thought hard before I posted the “sales information”.  The main reason I did was because I have already received several questions by email  so I just decided to put it out there!  The reason for my blog is NOT to gain customers for my side business.  I will say that I do believe in the products I sell.  I use them and they work for me.  Just know that my intentions of this blog are still the same- to chronicle my daily life as a mom, wife and fitness fanatic and to offer fun giveaways!  🙂



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