5k in the snow!

It pretty much snowed all night.  We were lucky that it did not snow to hard though.  I am not a lover of the snow.  Oddly enough, I enjoy running in it  I can’t really explain that one though.  As long as it’s not windy or too cold ( there’s always something.)

The view from my back deck ( I was in the house of course!)

I met Andi at the gym and I was prepared to run outdoors.  Andi on the other hand, was prepared to run indoors!  We had a slight miscommunication last night. I, of course, blame her.  😉  I am sure it was my fault though.  She was nice enough to take one for the team and run outside- yay!  We really had no plan in mind besides making it a short run.  About 1 mile in we decided to make it very short and just run a 5k (3.1 miles).  Andi was not feeling it today ( kind of like my Sunday run), but she powered on and we did it.  27:49 was the final verdict.  Here is the breakdown. ( In my head I wanted to do negative splits)

Mile 1– 9:30  ( I felt pretty good, not to winded and there was no wind to speak of either)

Mile 2– 9:05 ( I could tell we sped up, but I still felt good.  I almost felt great. )

Mile 3– 8:21 ( Here we go!  I still felt great and happy to run kind of fast in comparison to our long runs- good for my mental state!)

Mile .10-8:34 ( done!)

Ahhhh!  I was tired, but in a good way.  Andi’s splits were pretty much the same – she did great even though she felt like crud.

After the run we went indoors and lifted quick.  I forgot to incorporate chest again!  What’s up with that?!?!


Step ups

Biceps curls

Lat pull downs

Plie squats

Up right rows

 On tap for today:  Cardio Sculpt instruction.  I plan on sneaking some chest in class tonight! 😉


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